Mentoring as a key component in the BPLA program

The mentor-mentee relationship is a valuable part of BPLA. Mentors are Beaumont administrative leaders with solid, practical experience and deep knowledge of the organization. They have a world view of healthcare and understand the many external forces shaping delivery at the local level. With self-awareness and confidence, mentors have a respectfulness of physicians, seeing the major organizational benefit of improved physician engagement and alignment. They have high integrity and a no BS style, understanding how to deliver constructive criticism, focusing on behavior, never his or her character.

BPLA mentors wear many potential hats:

Teacher - Filling in gaps between classroom learning and the day-to-day practical know-how of running a complex healthcare operation. Providing a ‘day in the life’ experience of joining the mentor in meetings and programs can be enlightening. 

Developer - Assisting fellows in understanding interpersonal leadership strengths and weaknesses based on guided self-reflection and behavioral feedback, learning to understand non-verbal behavior of others in order to increase emotional intelligence.

Networker - Helping fellows understand the functional layout of the organization, job titles and structures and rationale for how the many moving parts connect.

Navigator - Helping fellows navigate politics and bureaucracy, not only informing as to who has authority, but who has influence. Learning to understand and manage political sensitivities is a part of effective leader development.

Promoter - An accomplished mentor can also help promote the participation of physicians on multidisciplinary teams or stretch work experiences within the organization to assure that work experiences shore up classroom learning.

Career Coach - For those physicians seeking to move into successively responsible leadership roles, the mentor supports the fellow in crafting a career roadmap to achieve his or her long-term career goals.


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“This was my first experience with the BPLA. I was very impressed with the leadership and organization of the course.” 
-Past Mentor

“Mentoring was the most useful part of the program for me. My mentor gave me tips I could put to use right away with great results. Everyone should make an effort to spend time with a mentor and gain from their life and professional experience.” -2016 Fellow





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