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Corewell Health East is now able to support iPad™ and iPhone® use in any area that is accessible to the internet either by wireless connection or an available cellular network connection. By accessing the network, you can install Citrix onto your iPad or iPhone and have convenient access to all of the hospital’s clinical systems, including oneChart.


Downloads for Doctor's Offices

Corewell Health East offers these programs to doctor's offices. Most of these files are compressed zip files. Download the file. Open and uncompress the zip file. Once that is done, you can install the program with the files available.

 Epic 2017 Video Visits

  1. Copy the install exe file under this folder to the local machine.
  2. Execute the EXE installation using an administrative account.
  3. During installation you will be prompted to choose the environment you wish to run video visits in PRD or TST, choose the one you wish and select OK.
  4. If you already have Video Visits installed on your device you can install over the top of the one that is there. The install will first remove all versions of Video Visits then re-install it based upon your environment choice.
  5. Done.

Internet Browsers

Please make sure you have at least Microsoft Internet Browser 7.0 or higher when using the physician web site. For the latest versions of your browser, please upgrade with one of the links below.

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