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PingID Multi-factor Authentication

Corewell Health's enterprise-wide MFA solution, PingID, is used for accessing Corewell Health applications and resources when off network. Some workflows, such as Epic Haiku and Canto and EPCS (electronic prescribing of controlled substances) may use another authentication method. 


You must be enrolled in PingID before being able to use various applications, such as the BHApps portal, while working remotely or on personal devices.

There are various ways to enroll for PingID:

  1. SMS text message
  2. Smartphone/Tablet App
  3. Desktop Client


Accessing Applications Using PingID MFA

Once you are registered in PingID, you will be able to authenticate when prompted while accessing Corewell Health resources when off network.

  1. Enter your Corewell Health username and password and click Sign On.
  2. When prompted to authenticate, verify MFA via PingID using one of the approved MFA methods.


For questions or assistance with registration, please contact the Digital Services Service Desk at 888-481-2448.


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