Ratings and reviews for Beaumont Health physicians

Earning the trust of today’s health care consumers is paramount to providing an exceptional patient experience. Bringing accurate, responsible patient ratings data to the internet will help patients in their provider search.

You might already have reviews on public websites, such as Healthgrades, Yelp, Vitals, Google and RateMDs. Often those ratings are based on a limited number of reviews from unverified sources. The results can be misleading to consumers and inaccurately represent the quality of care. Additionally, Google and other search engines use ratings and reviews as a factor in their search algorithm; profiles with ratings and reviews (and more of them) tend to rank higher than those without.

To ensure we provide our patients with valid and current ratings and reviews, Beaumont will be publishing patient experience ratings and reviews on the Find a Doctor section of the beaumont.org website in the Spring 2019.


This rating information can help:

  • improve individual providers’ Google search rankings
  • increase web traffic and visibility of medical staff
  • earn patient trust
  • acquire new patients



Patient ratings and reviews are already collected for ambulatory BMG physicians who participate in the CG-CAHPS survey process. Your physician page on Find a Doctor and web search results will include patient satisfaction ratings based on the CG-CAHPS data collected on the patients seen in your ambulatory practice (if applicable) based on a 5-point scale. BMG physicians who do not have an ambulatory practice, i.e., pathologists, will not have a star rating listed.


This is an optional program for affiliated Beaumont physicians. While voluntary, you are welcome to participate in this transparency initiative. To opt into this program, please contact the vendor directly. If you are not currently collecting patient experience feedback, they can survey your patients for ratings and reviews based on office visits.


Please note, patient ratings and reviews will only be published on Find a Doctor after a physician reaches a minimum of 30 completed surveys. Additionally, ratings and reviews will not affect the sort order on Find a Doctor.


There is a comprehensive comment appeals process. All comments will be reviewed by the vendor and Beaumont Health staff for PHI and other confidential or inappropriate information before they are posted. If you disagree with any approved comment, you can flag it for review by our Ratings and Reviews Appeals Committee.


If you have any questions, please email transparency@beaumont.org.




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