For Providers

Meet the Provider Informatics Specialists

Your provider informatics specialist can assist you with customization and navigation of Epic as well as the downloading and configuration of the applications used at Corewell Health East. The specialists work collaboratively across the Beaumont Digital Services service lines to orchestrate the delivery and optimization of Digital Services to all physicians and other clinicians.

Each specialist collaborates to optimize the usage of clinical systems through education, quality outcomes and support of organizational goals. The specialist takes proactive measures to support the site's Medical Staff in meeting its Digital Services needs by communicating ongoing activities impacting their site based on service line needs or issue resolution. 

Jacki Lazenby
Provider Informatics Specialist Lead
Corewell Health Dearborn Hospital
MHB: 947-522-9642
Office: 313-593-5990

Catherine Moran
Provider Informatics Specialist Lead
Corewell Health William Beaumont University Hospital
MHB: 947-520-0970
Office: 248-898-9814

Xia Lao
MHB: 947-518-3216

Tongela Smith
MHB: 947-518-3217

Angel Smith
Corewell Health's Beaumont Hospital Grosse Pointe
MHB: 947-518-5006
Office: 313-473-3165

Bree Melow
Corewell Health's Beaumont Hospital Farmington Hills
MHB: 947-521-9662
Office: 947-521-7268

Carla Ewell
Corewell Health's Beaumont Hospital Taylor
MHB: 947-518-5966
Office: 313-887-5966

Helen Therrian
Corewell Health's Beaumont Hospital Trenton
MHB: 947-523-0007
Office: 734-642-2258

Cheryl Kuzma
Corewell Health's Beaumont Hospital Troy
MHB: 947-519-0017
Office: 248-964-0272

Adam Blair
Corewell Health's Beaumont Hospital Wayne
MHB: 947-518-0299
Office: 734-467-4561

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