Academy highlights from 2011-2019

  • 226 Beaumont physicians are now BPLA alumni.
  • Over 160 alumni provide leadership to the system:
    • five chief medical officers
    • 33 chiefs and vice chiefs
    • 75 directors
    • 11 physician champions
    • 14 chairs
  • Completion of BPLA is now considered when the organization seeks physician input and identifies potential leaders.
  • Representation from all eight hospitals is the norm.


Congratulations class of 2019!

Group Portrait


Annas Aljassem, M.D.Anthony Lutz, D.O.
Sayf Al-Katib, M.D.Jose Mendez, M.D.

Mohammad Jawaad Arshad, M.D.

Sapna Nagar, M.D.
Andrew Banooni, M.D.Christopher Nall, M.D.
Jasreem Bhullar, M.D.Andrew Oleszkowicz, M.D.
Paul Chittick, M.D.Abdullah Omari, M.D.
Colleen Hartwig, D.O.Gino Sessa, M.D.
David Hess, D.O.Jannifer Stromberg, M.D.
Anthony Iacco, M.D.Maria Thomas, M.D.
Deepali Jain, M.D.Rodrigo Tobar, M.D.
Peyman Kabolizadeh, M.D., Ph.D.Michael Tucciarone, M.D.
Nathan LaFayette, M.D.Mario Villalba, M.D.
Alex Lau, M.D.LoriAnn Washe, M.D.


“BPLA provides a valuable opportunity for internal and personal growth. It is a valuable introduction to the corporate world of medicine, which physicians generally have little experience with during training or practice. The relationships with other physicians going through the process I found to be liberating. BPLA is an eye-opening experience, which challenges your assumptions about yourself. The commitment of Beaumont Health to its stated goals and ideals is palpable. The focus on diversity and inclusiveness was clearly evident.” -2017 Fellow

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