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Microsoft Outlook to be the only mobile app for Beaumont email

Whether you currently check your Beaumont email on your mobile device or you’re considering adding it, this message affects you. 

Due to its ability to protect patient and Beaumont data, the Microsoft Outlook app will be the only mobile program used to access Beaumont email. Soon, regular or “native” email apps on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices will no longer be able to access Beaumont email. Dr. Paras Khandhar, Beaumont’s lead inpatient physician informaticist, discussed this change in a recent Doc Talks video interview

Those with an older device that cannot install the Outlook app can access Beaumont email from or will need to upgrade their phone to a newer model. Click here to learn more about accessing Beaumont email, including tips and tricks

For more information or assistance with your shared calendars, contact the IT Service Desk.  

How to access your Beaumont email

Using a Beaumont computer at a Beaumont Health location:

  • Use Microsoft Outlook, if installed, or the Office365 Outlook icon found on your desktop.

Outlook        Office365

Using a Beaumont computer at a non-Beaumont location, or a non-Beaumont computer at a Beaumont location, or a non-Beaumont computer at a non-Beaumont location:

  • From any computer, launch either Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Go to
    • Note: If unable to log into, use and click the Outlook icon. If both do not work, create a Service Request with manager approval to gain access.
  • Another way to access your Beaumont email is to visit
  • Additional instruction can be found here.

Using your personal smartphone:

  • Install the Outlook application from the App store for iPhone or iPads, or Google Play store for Android smartphones and tablets.
  • Open the Outlook app and log in with your Beaumont email address and password.

For more information or assistance with your shared calendars, contact the IT Service Desk at 888-481-2448.

A message from the chief medical officer:

We use your Beaumont email because it is a secure and well-maintained email service using Outlook. Personal email addresses are more vulnerable to cyberattacks and the use of Beaumont email will provide uniformity and consistency as well as the assurance that you are receiving important communications.

We understand that many of you do not use your Beaumont email because you have had a bad experience in the past with receiving too many non-work-related messages. Our IT team is working to block unrelated communications and create firewalls to keep out unnecessary messaging. And, with security of email of vital importance, Beaumont’s IT team works diligently to provide as secure a system as possible.

We appreciate your patience and feedback as we continue to improve this process daily. Please send any feedback you may have to

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