New PingID multi-factor authentication software rolling out

Register your device for the new PingID multi-factor authentication software



Corewell Health is moving to one multi-factor authentication security solution, PingID. This change is currently in process as single sign-on applications move to PingOne. Applications will be moved in waves, with higher usage apps transitioning to PingID in late 2022/early 2023.  


Why are We Making This Change? 

PingID will be the enterprise MFA solution to leverage the PingOne environment being implemented for single sign-on (SSO) applications and to have a unified, singular authentication method for the organization.  


What You Need to Know 

While applications are migrating, you will use both PingID and Duo, including using Duo for Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances, which will not be migrating until 2024. As single sign-on applications are moved to the PingOne environment, you will be prompted to authenticate using PingID. PingID allows for push notifications and does require initial registration. We recommend you register ahead of time to ensure you do not experience any delays in your workflow.  


Next Steps 


  1. Enroll in PingID through your computer by following the instructions on Click add a device and a QR code will display. 
  2. Download the PingID app from the App Store on iOS or the Google Play Store on Android. You may register up to five devices. 
  3. Watch for and read the Digital Services Bulletin emails informing you of which applications are changing to the new PingOne environment and when they will change. 
  4. These application will require PingID MFA when accessed remotely.
  5. PingID or Duo will send your mobile device a push notification when you are attempting to access an application for you to approve or deny access.
  6. Only approved requests that you know were truly you attempting to access.
  7. If you receive a request to access an application that was not you, call the Service Desk or change your password at

Click here for additional information. For assistance with registration, please contact the Service Desk at 888-481-2448. 



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