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Dragon 360 transitioned to Dragon Medical One 


By popular request, Dragon 360 transitioned to the newest version of the software, Dragon Medical One.


DMO is the secure, cloud-based speech recognition solution, available for Beaumont providers. Dragon allows our clinicians to verbally document the complete patient story using their voice instead of typing. Those who use Dragon today report increased productivity and efficiency in their charting.


Click the buttons below the download the PowerMic app on iOS and Android. Click the "Access IT Bookshelf Offsite" button for additional documentation.





DMO benefits include: 


  • Hands-free Epic/oneChart interactions: Navigate screens and fields using voice commands to automate keypresses and mouse clicks. 
  • Auto-texts: Quickly populate commonly used phrases or documentation templates with your voice. 
  • PowerMic/Mobile: Navigate fields and perform functions with programmable microphone buttons using a wired microphone or smartphone app. 
  • Single voice profile: Access your personal vocabulary and voice commands from within oneChart on any device. 



How do I transition? 

Providers credentialed by Beaumont and currently using Dragon in the hospital made the transition on Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2022.  


Independent providers will receive an email from with details to amend their contract with Beaumont to make the transition in the first quarter of 2022. 


The Power Mic Mobile app is an optional component, available for iOS and Android devices, that enables you to navigate DMO fields and perform functions with programmable microphone buttons.

Do I need training? 
Watch for more details on when DMO training will be available.  




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