Expense Management and Travel

Beaumont Health has selected Concur Expense Management and Fox Travel as the systems for processing expense reimbursement and corporate travel. Concur will move paper processes to an electronic format while improving the speed at which expenses are reimbursed. The site is intuitive to use and there is also a free app which can be downloaded to manage expense reports in real-time.

The new  Concur Expense Management and Fox Travel site  is now live and can be found on the  Beaumont intranet site  by clicking on the “applications” menu and choosing “Concur Expense Reporting.” Concur is the new program for submitting expense reports (mileage, travel, etc.) for all employees, required Aug. 1, 2018, but the site is live today for use.
Paper expense reports will only be accepted through the end of July and would need to be full signed and approved by July 31. If they are not, they will be returned and will then need to be entered into Concur.
If you previously had assistance from your practice manager or an administrative assistant, you are able to delegate access to that individual so that they can prepare the expense report on your behalf. The instructions to delegate a user on your behalf are on page 66 of the Concur user guide. You will still be required to “approve” the expense report created on their behalf and you can complete the approval via the link provided in the email the system will send or by logging into the Concur site or App.
There is a pre-recorded webinar if you are interested in watching the “how to” video, which is approximately 60 minutes long. There is another pre-recorded webinar on the Fox Travel function as well. Links are provided below.
Important talking points about Concur and Fox:
  • All expenses must be submitted within 30 days of expense being incurred (mileage is within 60 days of the first travel date) – see attached grid for specific categories and timelines.
  • Airfare must be booked through the Concur/Fox Travel site.
  • Reimbursements are paid on the Beaumont Health paycheck as a non-taxable line item – see submission deadline link below.
  • Payments will now be much faster than the previous paper process.
  • The Concur/Fox Travel site and app are intuitive and easy to use.
  • Receipts can be photographed and uploaded through the APP or sent via email to the Concur site (see user guide for details).
  • The mileage function has all BMG and BH locations pre-built for your convenience. There is also a function to calculate travel from home which will remove your customary commute. (Example: You start your day at PNC for the manager meeting at your normal commute is 10 miles, but the drive to PNC is 30 miles. The calculator will then deduct the 10 miles of your normal commute and pay you for the additional 20 miles you drove for work purposes.)
If you have any issues with the site, please reach out to ConcurHelp@Beaumont.org or your practice manager, RPA or immediate supervisor.

More information about this process is available on Beaumont's intranet under the Applications tab at the top of the page.

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