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One-time training requirement now available for all DEA-registered providers

A new one-time, eight-hour training requirement is now available for all DEA-registered providers.

New legislation under the Medication Access and Training Expansion Act, now requires any prescriber renewing to attest to completion of the training and goes into effect on Tuesday, June 27. All other renewals after June 27 will also be required to complete the training prior to the time of the renewal of their DEA license. 

Once you have completed the training, you don’t need to do so for future registration renewals. If you have already completed eight hours of training in the required topic, you do not need to complete another eight hours to satisfy the MATE Act.



Ways to complete the training

Several CME modules are available here.

  1. Click State Required CE 
  2. Click DEA MATE Act

In addition, the Corewell Health West Dependent Drug Stewardship Program has developed several pre-recorded education sessions available here:

Additional resources available:


Please refer to the UpToDate Substance abuse disorders table of contents for additional eligible topics. 

Visit this UpToDate Support Knowledge Base article for information on tracking MATE Act-eligible topics.

Exceptions to this attestation

  • All practitioners that are board-certified in addiction medicine or addiction psychiatry.
  • All practitioners that graduated in good standing within five years of June 27, 2023 and successfully completed a comprehensive curriculum that included at least eight hours of training on substance use disorders including the appropriate clinical use of all drugs approved by the FDA for the treatment of substance use disorders.

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