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June 2024

Farmington Hills Alvin Yarrows Research Day 2024 Winners

Original Research Winners

1st Place

Angelique Manasseh, D.O., Hannah Guider, D.O., Brooklynn Bondy, D.O., Sanjay Patra, M.D., David Burdette, M.D., M. Ayman Haykal, M.D., Nour Baki, M.D., Ashleigh Terrell, NP-C, Michael Staudt, M.D., Christopher Parres, M.D. & Andrew Zillgitt, D.O.

NEUROLOGY – Responsive Neurostimulation (RNS) of the Centromedian Nucleus (CMN) of the Thalamus for the Treatment of Drug Resistant Idiopathic Generalized Epilepsy (IGE)


2nd Place

Carmen Johnson, DPM, Eric Li, DPM, DPM, PGY-2; Jihan Toma, DPM, PGY-2, Marshall Solomon, DPM, FACPM, FACFAS, FFPM RCPS

PODIATRY – Cohort Study Using a Survey to Evaluate the Effects of Sleep on HbA1c Levels and Foot Pathology in Patients Seen in the Podiatry Clinic


3rd Place

Jared Grodman, D.O., Michael Potes, D.O. & Mariquit Sendelbach, D.O.

GASTROENTEROLOGY – Pass, Hold or Hit: Evaluating the Clinical Utility of Inpatient Hemoccult Card Testing


Quality Improvement Winners

1st Place – TIED

Lauren Lumley, D.O., Jordan Meyer, D.O., Annie Craib, D.O.

FAMILY MEDICINE – Improving Completion Rates of Screening Colonoscopies

Zachary Burr, D.O., Pamela Calderon, BS, Francisca Kartono, D.O.

DERMATOLOGY – Assessing Knowledge and Comfort Level of Primary Care Resident Physicians in the Management of Hidradenitis Suppurativa


3rd Place

Nick Leventis, D.O., Zachary Lemon, D.O. & Kimberly Marik, RN

INTERNAL MEDICINE – Readmission Rates in Complex Cases: Does Review of AVS with Patients/Families Lead to Lower Readmissions?


Case Report Winners

1st Place

Alaina Skotak, D.O., Sydney Jacobs, D.O., Inna Sta. Maria, M.D.

NEUROLOGY – Anti-Yo Positive Paraneoplastic Cerebellar Degeneration: A Unique Case of Discovering Ovarian Cancer from Neurological Symptoms


2nd Place

Brian Golasa, D.O., Josiah Valk, D.O., Jared Lutsic, Justin Rebock, Mohamed Saad, M.D.

ORTHOPAEDIC SURGERY – Out of Room - International Custom 3D Printed Implant for Rheumatologic Glenoid Deficiency: A Case Report


3rd Place

Lauren Kassab, D.O., Alexander Ismail, D.O., Jonathan Doty, D.O. NEUROLOGY – Seeing Double: An Atypical Presentation of RCVS


Judging Panel

  • Christopher Cooley, D.O.
  • Wiley Fan, D.O.
  • Arthur Riba, M.D.
  • Erich Schwartz, M.D.
  • David Sengstock, M.D.



  • Craig Gordon, D.O.
  • Marshall Solomon, DPM


Planning Committee

  • Ann Atiyeh
  • Brittnay Breyer
  • Christina LaCroix
  • Theresa McCartney
  • Lauren O’Neill
  • Marshall Solomon, DPM
  • Kathleen Summers


Please join us in welcoming….

  • Kayla Birker, BS, Research Assistant, Alzheimer’s Research.
  • Josephine   Medado-Ramirez, MN, RNClinical Research Nurse, Urology Research.


One Epic Ecosystem

On July 21 when the One Epic Ecosystem is launched, research will start using the research study record contained within EPIC.

Information on the research study record can be found in The Orchard on The Well the Research Apple on the page.

What are some of the new features we will be able to leverage in the research study record? We will be able to recruit patients via Epic MyChart, we can associate patients and encounters to an individual study, place research specific orders,  write research notes, run study reports and document adverse events within Epic and link them directly within the participant’s research study record. Lots of new features will be available to screen, recruit and follow our participants enabling us to increase enrollments and decrease lost to follow up.

Please contact Pamela Sloan, RN, BSN, Clinical Research Manager, SCTO, at 248.551.6059 or for questions.







Aris IM, Lin PD, Wu AJ, Dabelea D, Lester BM, Wright RJ, et al. Birth outcomes in relation to neighborhood food access and individual food insecurity during pregnancy in the Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcomes (ECHO)-wide cohort study. Am J Clin Nutr. 2024;119(5):1216-26. PMID:38431121.

Gettel CJ, Hartzheim J, Chera T, Galske J, Cameron-Comasco L, Bellolio F, et al. "Follow-up in a few days": Limitations to primary care access among older adults following emergency department discharge. J Am Geriatr Soc. 2024;72(5):1528-31. PMID:38308394.


Horwitz A, McCarthy K, House SL, Beaudoin FL, An X, Neylan TC, et al, [Swor RA]. Intensive longitudinal assessment following index trauma to predict development of PTSD using machine learning. J Anxiety Disord. 2024;104:102876. PMID:38723405.


Karloski E, Dudley B, Diergaarde B, Blanco A, Everett JN, Levinson E, et al, [Rangarajan T, Zakalik D]. The Role of family history in predicting germline pathogenic variant carriers who develop pancreatic cancer: Results of a multicenter collaboration. Cancer. 2024; Epub ahead of print. PMID:38809542.


Lee J, Nandalur S, Hazy A, Al-Katib S, Kim K, Ye H, et al, [Kolderman N, Dhaliwal A, Krauss D, Quinn T, Marvin K, Nandular KR]. Prostatic urethral length on MRI potentially predicts late genitourinary toxicity after prostate cancer radiation. Acad Radiol. 2024;31(5):1950-8. PMID:37858506.


Onishi K, Seagraves E, Baraki D, Donaldson T, Barake C, Abuhamad A, et al. Risk factors for early- and late-onset superimposed preeclampsia. Am J Perinatol. 2024;41(S 01):e2073-e80. PMID:3721 1009.


Salari K, Hazy AJ, Ye H, Sebastian E, Limbacher A, Johnson M, et al, [Mitchell B, Thompson AB, Seymour ZA, Nandular SR, Krauss DJ]. 21 Gy single fraction prostate HDR brachytherapy: 5-year results of a single institution prospective pilot study. Brachytherapy. 2024;23(3):321-8. PMID:38514368.


Tyagi P, Hafron J, Kaufman J, Chancellor M. Enhancing therapeutic efficacy and safety of immune checkpoint inhibition for bladder cancer: a Comparative analysis of injectable vs. intravesical administration. Int J Mol Sci. 2024;25(9):4945. PMID:38732167.


Wiater JM, Lee JYJ, Shields EJW, Childers K, Dery L, Koueiter D. Humeral component version has no effect on outcomes following reverse total shoulder arthroplasty: a Prospective, double-blinded, randomized controlled trial. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2024; Epub ahead of print. PMID:38758820.




The Corner

Did you know?

The CHE policy pertaining to is on Policystat: Registration of Clinical Trials. The policy describes posting requirements and support available to investigators at CHE. A decision tool is helps teams to determine if their IIR studies should be posted.



REDCap is a web-based database application specifically designed for clinical research. It is provided to Corewell Health Investigators at no cost. Contact our REDCap Administrator Donna McIntyre, (248.551.7599) for more information on how REDCap can support your study.



You can find the full June 2024 Newsletter here.



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