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Test your CH Epic login today

It’s time to test! All East users can test their login to the new Corewell Health Epic environment. We encourage you to test as soon as your schedule allows. 

Testing your login now will help ensure access to the correct environment and help you with a smooth transition when we go live with OEE on July 21. Need a refresher on OEE? Watch this 3-min video

Login testing can be done virtually at your workspace and should take approximately 5 minutes. The login testing window is open now through July 19. 


 How to test your login  

To start testing, follow these steps:  

  1. Click on the white Epic production icon (shown above) on your desktop or Citrix StoreFront (accessed through the Citrix Workspace app under the Start Menu or through 
  2. Use your regular login credentials and your department’s new acronym to sign in.  

Tip: Use the Epic Department Cross-Walk tool to find the acronym/name of your department as it will appear in the Corewell Health Epic instance. Search using your current department name as it appears in Epic or keywords found in the name (emergency, pharmacy, inpatient, etc.)  

     3. For more details and tips on the login testing process, refer to this article

     4. Note: After users have entered their username/password and hit ‘Continue’, they may receive a prompt for ‘Type of Supervision’ and ‘Supervising Provider’. This is not a required prompt, and users can hit ‘Continue’ to proceed. 


I’ve tested my login. What do I do next?  

  1. Once you’ve successfully logged in, share your new department login information with your teams to help them with the process. 
  2. After you’ve tested your login, please log out and go back to using your normal Epic environment. 

How long is the testing window open? 

Login testing for all East Epic users begins on May 20 and goes through July 19. We encourage you to test as soon as your schedule allows. 

What happens if I don’t test my login?  

If Epic users fail to test logins, they may experience difficulties logging into the correct Epic environment following the go-live on July 21.  

When can I start personalizing my settings in the new Epic?

More information and resources for personalization will be available in June. 

When can I start using this new instance of Epic?

All East users will be able to fully access the new Corewell Health Epic instance on July 21. Until then, please continue logging in the way you do today. If you want more exposure to the new environment, we encourage you to try out the OEE Playground

If you experience any issues with testing your login or have any questions, please open a ServiceNow request using the following link: OEE Login Testing Support - Corewell Health Employee Center


Learn more about OEE on The Orchard and the OEE SharePoint site. 

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