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Legacy Guest Wireless Networks being Rebranded to CH-guest

Now that hospital and office signage reflect the Corewell Health name, legacy guest wireless networks will change to correctly reflect our organization as part digital rebranding.

What's happening and when

On June 24 the current legacy guest wireless networks (SH-guest and BH-guest) will be renamed to CH-guest.

  • SH-guest will no longer be an option to select.
  • BH-guest will still be available for around 45 days (early Aug.) to allow time to update devices that currently connect to BH-guest.

Who's impacted

Anyone who connects to the existing SH-guest and BH-guest wireless networks including patients and visitors. 

What you need to know and do

Once the wireless networks are renamed, you will need to select CH-guest when connecting and “forget” the current guest Wi-Fi option.

  • When joining CH-guest, you will need to accept the Acceptable Usage page (one time only for East, every 30 days for West/South).

SH-guest will no longer be available to select once CH-guest is an option. Anyone on a cell phone will move to their provider’s data plan until they have joined CH-guest.

The BH-guest wireless network will still be available until early August to provide digital services time to update TVs and other devices that connect to BH-guest.

Tips to follow

  • It is recommended to switch to the CH-guest Wi-Fi as soon as available and “forget” BH-guest even though it will still be available through mid-July.
  • If you use Mobile Heartbeat (MHB) on your personal device, make sure to switch to the new CH-guest Wi-Fi when available so you don't miss any pages or alerts.
  • For patient-facing teams, please help share this information with patients and visitors.

What’s not changing

There is no change to functionality, this is simply a name change to align to our organization name. 

Questions or assistance

For technical assistance, technical issues, please contact the Service Desk:

  • Corewell Health East: 888.481.2448
  • Corewell Health South: 269.428.2005 
  • Corewell Health West and Priority Health: 616.391.4357 (1-HELP)  

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