Meet Corewell Health East's physician liaisons


Our physician liaisons are available to all southeast Michigan physicians to discuss and help you access the variety of services that Beaumont offers.  

Beaumont's physician liaisons are deployed regionally for you and your office staff. They are available for in-person office visits, phone consultations or can even be reached via email for all physician practice support needs. They integrate physicians into the system and enhance communications between physicians and key stakeholders within Beaumont by lending support and promoting services.  

To schedule a liaison visit, call 888-343-2790 or email


Bika Chabay

248-914-2346 (call or text)

Ashley Crowley

734-671-3903 (office)
734-208-0874 (pager)

Beaumont, Trenton


Jane Dause

734-467-2524 (office)
313-436-2848 #4968 (pager)


Tara Heitz

248-506-9281 (call or text)
Cibulus_Sandy 20-8708pp

Sandra Cibulas

248-259-2175 (call or text)


Amy Lavrack

313-375-7084 (office)
313-503-2375 (pager)

Beaumont, Taylor
Penni LaBute

Penni Labute

Community Physician Liaison

248-720-8968 (call or text)


Freda Smith

248-850-0885 (call or text)
313-593-7084 (office)

Kristen Strait

Manager, Physician Liaisons
248-884-8642 (call or text)
947-522-2103 (office)

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