Royal Oak Physician Leaders



President of the Medical Staff
James Robbins, M.D.


Member-at-Large Ambulatory
Izzat Carouba, M.D.

 Annas Aljassem, M.D. portrait  

Member-at-Large Medicine
Annas Aljassem, M.D.

 Samuel Fawaz, M.D. portrait  

Samuel Fawaz, M.D.


Member-at-Large Primary Care - Private
Jay Fisher, M.D.


Member-at-Large Primary Care - Employed
Martha Pollock, M.D.


Member-at-Large Employed Physicians
Alan Koffron, M.D.


Member-at-Large Surgery
Paul Bove, M.D.

Barbara Ducatman, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Michael G. McCue, M.D.

Interim OUWB Department Chair & Interim Chief - Anesthesiology & Perioperative Medicine

Simon Dixon, M.D.

Endowed Chair - Cardiovascular Medicine

Aaron Berman, M.D.

Chief - Cardiovascular Medicine

Harry Wasvary, M.D.

Chief - Colon and Rectal Surgery

Richard Silbergleit, M.D.

OUWB Department Chair & Chief - Diagnostic Radiology

James Ziadeh, M.D.

Interim OUWB Department Chair & Chief - Emergency Medicine

Paul Misch, M.D.

OUWB Department Chair & Chief - Family Medicine & Community Health

Mark Frikker, M.D.

OUWB Department Chair & Chief - General Surgery & Surgical Services

Christopher D. Carpenter, M.D.

OUWB Department Chair & Chief - Internal Medicine

Ishmael Jaiyesimi, M.S., D.O.

Interim Chief - Medical Oncology / Hematology

Daniel Menkes, M.D.

OUWB Department Chair & Chief - Neurology

Fernando Diaz, M.D.

OUWB Department Chair & Chief - Neurological Surgery

Ray Bahado-Singh, M.D.

OUWB Department Chair & Chief - Obstetrics & Gynecology

George Williams, M.D.

OUWB Department Chair & Chief - Ophthalmology

Jeffrey Fischgrund, M.D.

OUWB Department Chair & Chief - Orthopaedic Surgery

Mitual Amin, M.D.

Interim OUWB Department Chair & Interim Royal Oak Chief - Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Peter Millward, M.D.

Interim Chief - Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Service Line

Jeffrey Devries, M.D., M.P.H.

 Interim OUWB Department Chair - Pediatrics

Daniel Frattarelli, M.D.

 Interim Chief - Pediatrics

Ronald Taylor, M.D.

OUWB Department Chair & Chief - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Ronald Samarian, M.D.

OUWB Department Chair & Chief - Psychiatry

Craig Stevens, M.D., Ph.D.

OUWB Department Chair & Chief - Radiation Oncology

Kenneth Peters, M.D.

OUWB Department Chair & Chief - Urology

Kaveh Aslani, M.D.

Vice Chief - Anesthesiology & Perioperative Medicine

Kiran Nandalur, M.D.

Vice Chief - Diagnostic Radiology

Theodore Vlachos, M.D.

Vice Chief - Gynecology

Lewis Rosenbaum, M.D.

Vice Chief - Internal Medicine

Mark Redman, M.D.

Vice Chief - Obstetrics

Robert Starr, M.D.

Vice Chief - Obstetrics – Education

Kurt Wharton, M.D. 

Vice Chief - Obstetrics - Operations 

J. Michael Wiater, M.D.

Vice Chief - Orthopedic Surgery

Ping Zhang, M.D., Ph.D.

Vice Chief - Anatomic Path

Elizabeth Sykes, M.D.

Vice Chief - Clinical Pathology

Kalli J. Doyle, M.D.

Vice Chief - Pediatric Services – Education

Bassam Gebara, M.D.

Vice Chief - Pediatric Services – Clinical Services

Brian Connolly, M.D.

Vice Chief - Psychiatry

John Robertson, M.D.

Vice Chief - Radiation Oncology


Vice Chief - Surgery

Wei Li, M.D., Ph.D.

Section Head - Autopsy Pathology

Mark Micale, Ph.D.

Section Head - Cytogenetics & Molecular Genetics

Tomi Kuntzman, D.O.

Section Head - Cytology

Ping Zhang, M.D.

Section Head - Electron Microscopy

John Schwartz, M.D.

Section Head - Immunopathology & Molecular Pathology

Kurt Bernacki, M.D.

Section Head - Surgical Pathology & Histology

Michael G. McCue, M.D.

Section Head - Anesthesiology & Peri-Operative Medicine

Cain Dimon, M.D.

Section Head - Pain Medicine

George Hanzel, M.D.

Section Head - Cath Lab

David Haines, M.D.

Section Head - Heart Rhythm

Abay N. Bilolikar, M.D.

Section Head - Echocardiography

Craig Fletcher, M.D.

Section Head - Blood Bank and Transfusion Medicine

Elizabeth Sykes, M.D.

Section Head - Chemistry and Specialized Testing

Marc Smith, M.D.

Section Head - Coagulation and Hemostasis

Vonda Douglas-Nikitin, M.D.

Section Head - Flow Cytometry

Ann Marie Blenc, M.D.

Section Head - Hematopathology

Barbara Robinson-Dunn, Ph.D.

Interim Section Head - Microbiology and Virology

Kausar Jabbar, M.D.

Section Head - Molecular Pathology

Kiran Nandalur, M.D.

Section Head - Body Imaging

Scott Malick, M.D.

Section Head - Breast Imaging

Craig Basmaji M.D.

Section Head - Emergency Radiology

David Marcantonio, M.D.

Section Head - Musculoskeletal Radiology

Ay-Ming Wang, M.D.

Section Head - Neuroradiology

Darlene Fink-Bennett, M.D.

Section Head - Nuclear Medicine

Donald Gibson, M.D.

Section Head - Pediatric Radiology

Stephen Vartanian, M.D.

Section Head - Vascular/Interventional Radiology

James Ziadeh, M.D.

Section Head - Observation

Kelly Levasseur, D.O.

Section Head - Pediatrics

Amit Bahl, M.D.

Section Head - Emergency Medicine Ultrasound

Randy Janczyk, M.D.

Section Head - Acute Care Surgery / Trauma

Peter Czako, M.D.

Section Head - Endocrine

Kevin Krause, M.D.

Section Head - Minimally Invasive / Bariatric Surgery

Alan Koffron, M.D.

Section Head - Transplantation Surgery

Carl Lauter, M.D.

Section Head - Allergy

Christopher Carpenter, M.D.

Interim Section Head - Dermatology

Michael R. Brennan, D.O.

Section Head - Endocrinology and Metabolism

Mitchell Cappell, M.D.

Section Head - Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Alexandra Halalau, M.D.

Section Head - General Internal Medicine

Khaled Imam, M.D.

Section Head - Geriatrics

Ali Farhat, M.D.

Section Head - Hospital Medicine

Paul Chittick, M.D.

Section Head - Infectious Disease and International Medicine

Paul Kellerman, M.D.

Section Head - Nephrology

Wendy Miller, M.D.

Section Head - Nutrition & Preventive Medicine

Christopher Carpenter, M.D.

Interim Section Head - Palliative Care

Stanley Sherman, M.D.

Section Head - Pulmonary & Critical Care

Joseph Skender, M.D.

Section Head - Rheumatology

Barry Rosen, M.D.

Section Head - GYN-ONC

Mark Redman, M.D.

Section Head - Maternal - Fetal Medicine

Sangeeta Kaur, M.D.

Section Head - OB-GYN - Generalists 

Richard Bronsteen, M.D.

Section Head - Obstetrical Ultrasound & Fetal Imaging

Robert Starr, M.D.

Section Head - Urogynecology

Timothy Page, M.D.

Section Head - General Ophthalmology

Steven Dunn, M.D.

Section Head - Cornea and External Diseases

John Hart, Jr., M.D.

Section Head - General Ophthalmology

Tom Obertynski, M.D.

Section Head - Glaucoma

Michael J. Siegel, M.D.

Section Head - Glaucoma

Robert Granadier, M.D.

Section Head - Neuro-ophthalmology

Evan Black, M.D.

Section Head - Oculoplastic Ophthalmology

Diane Schlachter, M.D.

Section Head - Oculoplastic Ophthalmology

Rajesh Rao, M.D.

Section Head - Pediatric Ophthalmology

Michael Trese, M.D.

Section Head - Vitreoretinal Diseases and Surgery

Paul Fortin, M.D.

Section Head - Foot & Ankle

Michael Pochron, M.D.

Section Head - Hand & Upper Extremity

Perry Greene, M.D.

Section Head - Joint Replacement

Ira Zaltz, M.D.

Section Head - Pediatrics

Bruce Kaczander, M.D.

Section Head - Podiatry

J. Michael Wiater, M.D.

Section Head - Shoulder

Jeffrey Fischgrund, M.D.

Section Head- Spine

James Bicos, M.D.

Section Head - Sports Medicine

Gregory Nowinski, M.D.

Section Head - Trauma

Kimberly Les, M.D.

Section Head - Tumor

Jaime Taylor, M.D.

Section Head - Adolescent Pediatrics

Devang Doshi, M.D.

Section Head - Pediatric Allergy/Immunology

Stacey Shubeck, M.D.

Section Head - Ambulatory Pediatrics

Daniel R. Turner, M.D.

Section Head - Pediatric Cardiology

Stefani Hines, M.D.

Section Head - Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

Peter Gerrits, M.D.

Section Head - Pediatric Endocrinology and Metabolism

Souheil Gebara, M.D.

Section Head - Pediatric Gastroenterology

David J. Aughton, M.D.

Section Head - Pediatric Genetics

L. Kate Gowans, M.D.

Section Head - Pediatric Hematology / Oncology

Bishara Freij, M.D.

Section Head - Pediatric Infectious Disease

Cynthia Pryce, M.D.

Section Head - Neonatology

Daniel Arndt, M.D.

Section Head - Pediatric Neurology

Bassam Gebara, M.D.

Section Head - Pediatric Critical Care

Edward Dabrowski, M.D.

Section Head - Pediatric Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Indu Jain, M.D.

Section Head - Pediatric Pulmonology

Francis L. Shannon, M.D.

Section Head - Cardiovascular Surgery

Jeffrey Topf, D.D.S.

Section Head - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Melissa McBrien, M.D.

Section Head - Otolaryngology

Anthony Stallion, M.D.

Section Head - Pediatric Surgery

Kenneth Shaheen, M.D.

Section Head - Plastic Surgery

Felicia Ivascu, M.D.

Section Head - Surgical Critical Care

Robert Welsh, M.D.

Section Head - Thoracic Surgery

O. William Brown, M.D.

Section Head - Vascular Surgery

Larry Sirls, M.D.

Section Head - Female Urology/Urodynamics

Evan Kass, M.D.

Section Head - Pediatric urology

Richard Kennedy, Ph.D.

Vice President - Research

Barbara Ducatman, M.D.

Senior Vice President, Chief Academic and Clinical Officer

Duane Mezwa, M.D.

Chief Academic Officer

Jeffrey Devries, M.D., M.P.H.

Director of GME & Designated Institutional Officer

Ryan Fringer, M.D.

 Associate Director of GME & Associate Designated Institutional Officer

Lynda Misra, D.O.

Undergraduate Medical Education

Brooke Taylor, M.P.H.

Director of Continuing Medical Education

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