Grosse Pointe Physician Leaders



President of the Medical Staff
Amer Alame, M.D.


Elected Representative - Ambulatory
Carolyn Nine, M.D.


Elected Representative - Employed/Hospital-Based
Manaf Madoun, M.D.


James Voci, M.D.

Mark Alrais, M.D. portrait

Elected Representative - Primary Care
Mark Alrais, M.D.

Basem Almasri, M.D.

Elected Representative - Primary Care
Basem Almasri, M.D.


Elected Representative - Medicine Sub-specialty
Michael Brennan, D.O.

Philip Shalhoub, M.D.

Elected Representative - Surgery
Philip Shalhoub, M.D.


Jodie Rappe, M.D.

Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

Zachary Price, M.D.

Chief - Anesthesiologic services

Georges Ghafari, M.D.

Chief - Cardiovascular services

Glen Clark, M.D.

Chief - Emergency Care services

Peter Rodin, D.O.

Chief - Family Medicine and Community Health

Vaishali Pansare, M.D.

Chief - Laboratory services

Robert Marchese, M.D.

Chief - Medicine

Michael Mahoney, M.D.

Chief - Obstetrics/Gynecologic services

Adli Yakan, MD

Chief - Oncology/Hematology services

Jeanne Lewandowski, MD

Chief - Pediatric services

Arun Patel, M.D.

Chief - Radiologic services

Philip Shalhoub, M.D.

Chief - Surgical services

Sudhanshu Patel, M.D.

Director - Gastroenterology

Nicholas Gilpin, D.O.

Director, Infectious Disease

Peter Rodin, D.O.

Director - Integrative Medicine

Robert Marchese, M.D.

Director - Internal Medicine

Quresh Khairullah, M.D.

Director - Nephrology

James Matthew Voci, M.D.

Director - Neurology

Joseph Femminineo, M.D.

Director - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Robert Marchese, M.D.

Director - Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Amer Alame, M.D.

Director - Colon/Rectal surgery

Gerald Mullan, M.D.

Director - Ophthalmology

Paul Schreck, M.D./James Bookout, M.D.

Directors - Orthopedic surgery

Michael Fozo, M.D.

Director - Otolaryngology

Geoffrey Osgood, M.D.

Director - Plastic surgery

John Zinkel, M.D.

Director - Spine surgery

Michael Coello, M.D.

Director - Thoracic surgery

Jeffrey Yeamans, M.D.

Director - Urology

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