Dearborn Physician Leaders



Chief of Staff
David W. Peters, M.D.          


Vice Chief of Staff
Ranajit Mukherjee, M.D.


Paolo Marciano, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Peter Panagopoulos, M.D.

Chief - Anesthesiology

Alison M. Premo, M.D.

Vice Chief - Anesthesiology

Syed N. Raza, M.D.

Chief - EENT

Himanshu Aggarwal, M.D.

Vice Chief - EENT

Paul S. HO, DDS

Secretary - EENT

Zafar Shamoon, D.O.

Interim Chief - Emergency

Joseph Schramski, D.O.

Interim Vice Chief - Emergency

Mohammad Elmenini, M.D.

Chief - Family Medicine

Ghassan Atto, M.D.

Vice Chief - Family Medicine

Firas Zouabi, M.D.

Secretary - Family Medicine

Ziad Berri, M.D.

Chief - Medicine

Samyuktha Madishetty, M.D.

Vice Chief - Medicine

James Mullins, M.D.

Chief - OB-GYN

Miraja Grahovac, M.D.

Vice Chief - OB-GYN

Sara Garmel, M.D.

Secretary - OB-GYN

Eric Silberg, M.D.

Chief - Orthopedics


Vice Chief - Orthopedics

John Evans, DPM

Secretary - Orthopedics

Jeremy T. Powers, M.D.

Chief - Pathology

Maria Thomas, M.D.

Vice Chief - Pathology

Austin Yu, M.D.

Chief - Pediatrics

Frederick Lueder, M.D.

Vice Chief - Pediatrics

Mazen Hamameh, D.O.

Secretary - Pediatrics

Ashar Khan, M.D.

Chief - Psychiatry

Donald Conn, M.D.

Chief - Radiology

Alberto Farah, M.D.

Co-Vice Chief - Radiology

Ronald Meade, M.D.

Co-Vice Chief - Radiology

John Hilu, M.D.

Chief - Surgery

Fuad Turfah, M.D.

Vice Chief - Surgery

Diane Baranowski, M.D.

Section Chief - Allergy

Walid Harb, M.D., FACP

Section Chief - Ambulatory

George Nahhas, M.D.

Section Chief - Cardiology

Paul Haydon, M.D.

Section Chief - Critical Care

Karen Chapel, M.D.

Section Chief - Dermatology

Vinod Sanghi, M.D.

Section Chief - Endocrinology

Mohammed Arman, M.D.

Section Chief - Gastroenterology

Satish Kamath, M.D.

Section Chief - Geriatrics

Faisal Musa, M.D.

Section Chief - Hematology-oncology

Mihaela Lupu, M.D.

Section Chief - Hospitalist

James Sunstrum, M.D.

Section Chief - Infectious Disease

David Sengstock, M.D.

Section Chief - Medical Education

Chilakapati Kumar. M.D.

Section Chief - Nephrology

Mamdouh Abdulrazzak, M.D.

Section Chief - Neurology

John Bernick, M.D., Ph.D.
Section Chief - Occupational Medicine 


Section Chief - Physical Medicine

Elias Sharba, M.D.

Section Chief - Pulmonary

Ali Dagher, M.D., FACP

Section Chief - Rheumatology

Jacqueline Mohs, M.D.

Section Chief - Palliative Care

Walid Harb, M.D., FACP

Section Chief - Internal Medicine

Reza Dabir, M.D.

Section Chief - Cardiovascular surgery

Fuah H. Turfah, M.D.

Section Chief - Colon/rectal surgery

Mazen Bazzi, D.O.

Section Chief - Vascular surgery

James Lulek, M.D.
Section Chief - General Surgery

Fred Song Chun Junn, M.D.

Section Chief - Neurosurgery

Wassim Bazzi, M.D.

Section Chief - Urology

John Hilu, M.D.

Section Chief - Thoracic

Ian Lytle, M.D.

Section Chief - Plastic surgery

Daniel Bacal, M.D.

Section Chief - Bariatrics

John Evans, DPM
Section Chief - Podiatry 

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