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Login Changes to eBoarding

The eBoarding web application transitioned to authenticate against your Corewell Health account. New Registration will be required when first logging in with your Corewell Health information. Your login will still be available in eBoarding to address pending scheduling requests until June 23.

NOTE: This only affects those logging in with a Beaumont account. If you log in manually with a personal email and password, you can continue to access eBoarding as you always have.


What Do I Need to Do?

Follow these two steps to complete the process of transitioning to your Corewell Health account in eBoarding.

Step 1: Create your Corewell Health eBoarding Account

Beginning the week of May 29 eBoarding will be available through your Corewell browser icons and will authenticate with your Corewell Health account. When first accessing eBoarding with your Corewell Health login information, you will be required to register as it is considered a new account. This means you will not see any historical case information or pending cases entered using your account.

Moving forward, enter new scheduling requests under your Corewell Health account.

Step 2: Cancel Pending Requests in Your Account and Re-Enter Cases in Your Corewell Account by June 23

Since your Corewell Health account will not be connected to your login, any pending scheduling request entered prior to the transition will need to be canceled and re-entered under your Corewell Health account before losing access to your account on June 23.

  1. Login to eBoarding with your login info.
  2. Note all pending scheduling requests with enough detail to reschedule.
  3. Cancel pending scheduling requests.
  4. Log out of your account and log back in with your Corewell Health account.
  5. Re-enter scheduling requests.



If you are currently using a desk phone to login to the application, please call the Service desk at 888-481-2448 and open a problem ticket for the web team to change the phone number.


What is eBoarding?

The eBoarding web application was created by the Corewell East Web Services Team in 2014 to help schedule surgical cases into EPIC. All cases boarded through the eBoarding web application are reviewed and processed by a Corewell employee in a Surgical Services Office. Cases are reviewed and then entered into EPIC by a surgical boarder, cases entered into eBoarding are not directly integrated with EPIC. 

Corewell Health East physicians and other clinicians

Corewell Health East physicians and other clinicians should login using the blue login button below and their Beaumont emails address and password. Upon first logging into the application, you will be asked to create your profile. This will be saved, and you will not be asked to create a profile for subsequent logins.

Private office staff

All private office staff users must create an account using blue login button below, then the green sign-up button on the new webpage before attempting to sign in. Upon first logging into the application, you will be asked to validate your email address to create your profile. This will be saved, and you will not be asked to validate your email or create a profile for subsequent logins.

Help and support

For login issues or problems related to the eBoarding application, please email

For issues related to a case after is has been boarded, please contact a surgical boarding office listed below.

Contact a Corewell Health East surgical office



Phone number

Farmington Hills
Grosse Pointe



Royal Oak
CVS, PVS, thoracic, colon rectal, general:

Urology, OB-GYN, ENT:

Orthopedics, neurosurgery:
Occuloplastics, ophthalmology, oral, general pediatrics, podiatry, plastics, vitreo-retinopathy:

Hospital boarding office:

Troy 248-964-8440

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