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Physician Preference Guide (PPG)

About the Physician Preference Guide

The Physician Preference Guide is a self-service tool that allows physicians to manage and update their admission and specialty preferences. As of 2021 all Beaumont Health physicians are responsible for updating and maintaining their own information in the PPG.

Each hospital will identify a site admin to help operationalize the PPG. We strongly encourage that individual physicians populate and manage their PPG preferences but also understand the need for local autonomy in how medical staff offices and administration supports physicians.

If a physician is unable to login and update their preferences, they may contact a site for assistance. The admins ability to edit preferences for physicians is on a case-by-case basis and determined locally by each site.  Local admins must keep documentation that a request for a change was made by a physician.

Information for Non-Beaumont Physicians

To add preferences to the PPG, physicians from outside Beaumont Health can contact a site admin from each hospital for a copy of the paper form necessary to be added to the program.

Physician Preference Guide Site Admins

Hospital LocationContact an Admin 
Beaumont, DearbornJanice Simpson
Beaumont, Farmington HillsTamie Musch
Beaumont, Grosse PointeLisa Hartner
Beaumont, Royal OakKathy Cesaro
Beaumont, TaylorAmy Torango
Beaumont, TroyFelicia Watson
Beaumont, TrentonBreann Vavro
Beaumont, WayneLori Karns


Beaumont Network Login

Login to the PPG

Not on the Beaumont Network?

For those at home or on a private office network

Login to BHAPPS

  1. Login to BH Apps from your computer and click on the Physician Resource icon
  2. Click on Physician Preference Guide button (you will be directed back to this page)
  3. Click the blue Beaumont Network Login button above and login with your BH credential/ email address

Incorrect or Missing Preferences?

If your preferences are missing or displaying incorrectly, please login to the PPG and update them or contact a Site Admin for assistance.

Update my Preferences

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**The PPG is a guide and does not supersede the preferences expressed by the patient, the clinical judgment of the attending physician, hospital policy or medical staff policy.

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