Beaumont Health COVID-19 patient tracker

Patients with confirmed and pending COVID‐19 tests currently in a Beaumont hospital

The chart on the right shows what has happened. The future shape of the curve is dependent on how the pandemic moves through the state. Current predictions indicate a downward trend in cases due to social distancing measures. Download PDF with additional data.

COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs

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COVID-19 and Safe Care updates

Vaccines Administered: Total number of vaccines administered and documented in oneChart. Immunizations documented on paper will show up 24 hours after they are entered in oneChart.


Blood supply is at an extreme low, please schedule your appointment to donate today.

Daily Update newsletter moving to weekly schedule

The Daily Update newsletter to physicians, which has been hitting email boxes each weekday for the past several months, is transitioning back to a weekly communication. The Beaumont Physician Partners weekly email you received pre-COVID-19, and when rates were at their lowest, will return later this week with the most relevant content for physicians. Watch for this bulletin sent from

Please note: For urgent messages, we will continue to send standalone communications throughout the week, as needed, from the email box. We will return to a daily cadence if circumstances with COVID-19 change.

Beaumont is sending daily updates to your Beaumont email address ( These updates contain the latest information from Beaumont’s Emergency Operations Center. The updates are also sent to the preferred email address and fax number on file. If you are a Beaumont physician, APP or resident not receiving these communications or would like to see additional resources on this page, email

Preventing the spread of coronavirus and other respiratory viruses infographic


Leader updates from Beaumont hospitals

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