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New imaging platform launches Sunday, July 21, at Corewell Health East

Corewell Health East will transition from Philips radiology PACS to Intelerad radiology PACS, the new enterprise imaging system. Images viewed in Epic will utilize the Ambra viewer.

Corewell Health West and South successfully migrated to Intelerad PACS with great success.

Who’s impacted

Corewell Health East team members who use the current Philips PACS, such as radiologists, imaging technologists, referring providers, specialty readers, specialists and more.

How to prepare

Our imaging system administrators are hard at work finalizing and testing workflows to ensure we provide the best experience. Training will be provided through Workday to impacted roles including super users, imaging technologists, radiologists, and specialty readers. Visit the Intelerad SharePoint site below for more information on how other roles will be impacted.

What can I do now?

Review the Intelerad PACS and Ambra VNA FAQ.

Visit the Intelerad PACS and Ambra VNA: Corewell Health's new imaging and archive platforms SharePoint page on The Well for the latest details.

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