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Physician Spotlight: Dr. Christopher Bowen

Dr. Christopher Bowen

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Corewell Health's Beaumont Hospital Grosse Pointe


What inspired you to practice medicine?

"I was determined to pursue a career that would compel me to become fully invested in those I served, both emotional and professional. I can't think of anyone more deserved of that commitment than our patients seeking care to better themselves.  The short years have brought me to a place where the investment feels natural, and that feels good. It's an exciting time and I'm so looking forward to growing in the community. "

Share something a patient said or did that has always stuck with you.

"A patient shared with me after her first visit, 'I never thought I'd be comfortable having a male as my gynecologist, but you changed my mind.'"

What does resilience look like to you?

"A seamless ability to work through hardship with unshakeable composure. For example, assisting with sidewall retractors for an entire pelvic floor procedure without fault."

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