President Update: May 12

A message from Dr. Ben Schwartz, President of Corewell Health East


Across the system, the nation and even internationally, nurses are being celebrated this week. We take this time every year to honor nurses, past and present, doing outstanding work in this vocation.

At Corewell Health East, our wonderful nurses and Nursing team members have participated in activities throughout the week to recognize them for the vital role they play in patient care. 

Throughout the year, we honor our nurses internally through celebrations like the Nursing Excellence and DAISY awards. And on May 10, I was invited to attend the Oakland University Nightingale Awards for Nursing Excellence to see the impact our team members have on the community. With a strong history in tradition, this program applauds outstanding professionals who demonstrate leadership and routinely go above and beyond to deliver quality nursing care. 

As an attendee, I was proud to see Corewell Health East well represented with one winner and three runners-up. Their incredible nomination stories highlight their achievements and expertise in the delivery of nursing care. I was honored to be invited to this fantastic event!

Please thank a nurse today. They may be in the hallway, down the block or in your family. Their job is a gift, a calling. As a physician myself, I have always been grateful to those who have chosen to work alongside me in the care of patients and families. But I have never walked a mile in their sneakers. 

Thank you to our Nursing team members for all you do to care for our patients, families and each other!


Dr. Ben Schwartz
Corewell Health East

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