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Corewell Health East: Recover your network password to ensure synchronization


The East Active Directory (AD) will be moving to the shared Corewell Health domain on May 6. This move will help our integration goals to unite our three health systems. In preparation, team members must have their East network password synchronized to the West domain. Anyone who does not have a synchronized network password will be unable to login to the network.

Anyone with an East password that is not synchronized to the West domain should act now by using the Password Portal to recover their password

What is Active Directory?

The Active Directory is a database and set of services that team members log into using their Corewell Health user ID and password to connect to the system network. 

Who's impacted?

East team members whose East network password is not synced to the West domain. In order for your password to be synced across the system, you have to use the new Password Portal and you have to use the Recover Password option. Any other method of resetting your password will not sync it.

Do you use a Mac?

Only reset your password from the Mac device. Do not use the password portal as you may encounter login issues or lose authentication to certain applications.

What do I need to do? 

Follow these steps to recover your network password: 

  1. Review the  password creation rules before changing your password.
  2. Make sure you are  enrolled in PingID MFA as the password portal tool uses multi-factor authentication.
  3. Log out of any additional devices (such as clinical workstation, desktop, personal device) that you are logged into.
  4. Select the Recover Password option (not the Change Password option) of the Password Self-Service Portal
    • This  link will take you directly to Recover Password.
  5. Create and confirm your new password.
  6. Restart any corporate devices you are currently logged onto.
  7. Log off any apps on personal devices used for work related functionality.
  8. Log back in with your new password.

 Questions? See the Recover your Password using the Password Portal job aidFor questions or technical issues, please contact the East Service Desk at 888.481.2448 and select Option 9.

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