For Providers
Enrollment deadline for Imprivata ID extended to June 7

Don’t delay – make your enrollment appointment today to avoid losing your ability to e-prescribe controlled substances! Imprivata ID will replace Duo this July but enrolling early is critical.

The enrollment support team can only support a limited number of providers each day, so it is important to proactively sign up for your appointment to ensure a seamless enrollment experience.

Register for a virtual session here.

Enrollment tips:

  • Download the Imprivata ID app to your smartphone.
  • Have your government-issued ID and smartphone with you at your appointment.
  • Join via a computer with a webcam. If you don’t have one, you can join via computer and your smartphone or iPad to use its camera to show your ID.

Reminder: Keep the Duo app on your smartphone!
You will continue using Duo to verify your identity when e-prescribing until Sunday, July 21, when the new Epic instance is launched.

Learn more about this initiative and submit any questions you have here. Please ensure you are connected to the Corewell Health network to open these links.   

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