Announcing Our New Name!

Oct. 11, 2022


For all of us, having a new name is an important step into our shared future. A shared name reminds us why we are here: for our patients, health plan members and communities. Thank you for making Beaumont Health and Spectrum Health so special. Together, we now are Corewell Health.

Corewell Health is especially inspiring because it was influenced by thousands of ideas from you, our dedicated team members who are passionate about improving health. People are at the core of everything we do, and we are focused on helping keep people well to live their healthiest life possible.

That purpose is reflected in the meaning of our logo. The interlocking “C’s” represent two complementary elements in motion, demonstrating the relationship between health care and health coverage, and the idea that we are continuously innovating and progressing for our communities because we believe that getting better never stops. Our colors are bright, like our future. An updated palette of blues and greens is a combination of our existing colors, paying homage to the rich history of our organizations.

Priority Health’s name remains the same and will share the Corewell Health logo mark in complementary shades of green. The full list of our hospital names and medical groups is here. For more details, view our name announcement here.

I understand that having a new name brings a range of emotions, including feelings of nostalgia for the past, excitement for our future, anticipation of where we are headed, and enthusiasm for what we can do to make health better. My hope is that our new name brings a sense of pride and unity. There is tremendous opportunity for us working together to boldly reimagine what is possible and to bring humanity to everything we do. 


Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard and diligently over the last nine months to enable us to launch our new name, Corewell Health.

The process has been exhaustive as we fully explored the Beaumont Health and Spectrum Health names as well as over 2,000 new names. Your input was critical, with thousands of you sharing ideas, hopes and inspiration. Our process included extensive consumer research, legal trademark review and visual identity design.

Today we embrace Corewell Health, a name that reflects who we are and our vision for the future. I know that everyone is eager to know what to expect in terms of the roll out of our new name and brand, and what this means for each of us and the people we serve.

Corewell Health Toolkit

Resources that you can use immediately to show your pride in our new name include:

  • Go to Corewell Brand Central – Corewell Health East (Legacy Beaumont Health) | Corewell Health West and South (Legacy Spectrum Health and Lakeland) to:
    • Update your email signature
    • Upload Teams background 
    • Download Word document templates, PowerPoint templates, for your LinkedIn background and more
  • Visit our new Corewell Health website
    • Follow us on social media LinkedIn (Corewell Health), Facebook (@CorewellHealth), Twitter (@CorewellHealth), YouTube (Corewell Health)
  • Shop the new brand store

Some immediate questions you may have:

  • When will my new badge be available? Roll out will begin in 2023.
  • When will I get a new Corewell Health email address? Roll out is January 2023 through March 2023.
  • When will we see updates to our signage, websites, documents, etc.? This will be a phased rollout over the next two years. 
  • More questions? See FAQs Corewell Health East (Legacy Beaumont Health) | Corewell Health West and South (Legacy Spectrum Health and Lakeland)
  • Is there an email for specific questions? Send questions to

We want to transition to our new name in an efficient and effective manner. This will be a phased rollout of our signage, our digital spaces and our other branded materials over the next couple of years.

Thank you in advance for your patience and grace as we adopt our new name. My hope is that like me, you are excited to be part of this remarkable team that is Corewell Health! 

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