New tool will allow for easier patient scheduling

Beaumont Health is pleased to announce its recent partnership with Blockit for scheduling/referral management services. We believe this to be an effective solution that will aid in enhancing the current management and workflow of your patient referrals by allowing you to:

  • book appointments in real-time at point of care
  • efficiently guide patients through coordination of care by curating a network of referral partners
  • easily send and receive referrals through Blockit’s platform to any receiving or sending provider’s EMR, including from Beaumont Urgent Care
  • acquire direct communication via Blockit’s chat feature to sender and eliminate unnecessary phone calls
  • track patient referrals and appointment status in real time
  • obtain insights through analytics on your referral activity

Over the next few months, you will receive additional communications and may be contacted by Blockit to further discuss optimizing your productivity and joining Blockit’s platform. 

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