Non-Contracted Strategy Approval Platform coming Monday, Jan. 10

Over the past several years and with the support of Beaumont Health’s respective Value Analysis Teams, Supply Chain Management has made contractual strategy compliance commitments within several product categories to achieve industry-leading pricing. With the support of the Executive Value Analysis Steering Committee, Supply Chain Management will be implementing a Non-Contracted Strategy Approval Platform to achieve those compliance commitments.
Currently, if a physician wants to seek approval for an off-contract or non-strategy compliant product, they email the respective Value Analysis team physician leader. Moving forward, the requesting physician will need to seek approval by completing the information in the following link:
Please save the link to your browser for future use. Upon completion, an email will be sent to the respective sites chief medical officer and Value Analysis team physician leader. Both will have 24 hours to review, ask any additional questions and ultimately approve or reject. Upon final decision, the requesting physician will receive an approval or rejection email. If approved, the email should be provided to the boarding office for future scheduling. Please note: approval does not provide blanket approval for all future cases. Approval must be sought for each individual case.
The following product categories should be entered in the Non-Contracted Strategy Approval Platform:
  • Endomechanical
  • Proprietary Covidien items should be excluded from this process. Check with Supply Chain for proprietary items.
  • All remaining Non-Ethicon items should follow the new process.
  • Ortho spine
  • Physicians not achieving 80% compliance with Medtronic and Stryker
  • Neuro spine
  • Physicians not achieving 80% compliance with Medtronic and Stryker
The Non-Contracted Strategy Approval Platform will be operational .
All new product or technology requests will continue to be reviewed and facilitated through MedApproved.

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