Our new physician liaison, Rosemary Rein


Rosemary recently joined our team at Beaumont, Trenton. She is taking the role over from Debbie Beaudrie, who retired at nearly two decades of service with our physicians. Please join me in giving Rosemary a warm welcome. You can learn a little more about her below:

How long have you been with Beaumont?

RR: I have worked at Oakwood Health System in various departments including Care Management Services, Financial Assistance, Patient Registration, Health Information Management and Clinical Laboratory. I had the pleasure to be an employee for many years at Oakwood Annapolis, Oakwood Dearborn, and Oakwood Southshore Medical Center. My position prior to accepting the role as Physician Relations Liaison was in the Financial Assistance Department at Beaumont, Trenton.

What is your favorite part about being a physician liaison?

RR: A few things I enjoy about being a liaison are working with helpful coworkers, developing and maintaining working relationships with all physicians, onboarding new providers, meeting new challenges on daily basis, event planning, working as part of administration and liaison teams and the variety of responsibilities within the position.

Can you describe your current scope of work?

RR: My current scope of work involves new business development, marketing various services for our hospital to meet the needs of patients in the community, provide physicians with data through patient satisfaction surveys, ensure overall Medial Staff needs are being met and help network physicians to grow their patient base.

What are some of the most common things you help physicians with?

RR: There are many items I help physicians with on a daily basis which includes problem solving & follow through of any physician complaints/concerns, obtaining information they request in a timely manner, connecting the physician and/or their office staff to the appropriate staff or department in the hospital and front line support for some IT programs.

What is the best way for physicians to reach you?

RR: The best contact methods to reach me would be: in-person/in-office, office telephone, and by pager for urgent issues.

Rosemary can be reached at 734-671-3903 (office), 734-208-0264 (pager) and by email at rosemary.rein@beaumont.org.

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