Microsoft Teams private chat retention policy changes begin March 14

On Monday, March 14, Microsoft Teams will be updated to remove private chat conversations over 30 days automatically and permanently. The updated Beaumont Electronic Mail Standard policy will be updated to reflect this change. 

Why is the retention policy change occurring? 

  • Microsoft Teams’ private chat was designed as a temporary communication mechanism not to be used for long-term business decisions. 

  • To increase security for all team members and Beaumont Health’s data in the event of a phishing attack.  

Please note, this retention policy change only impacts private chats and does not impact Teams Session/Channel chats. Private chats typically involve casual conversations and are a higher liability than channel messages which can be more strategic or project oriented. 


Can I save my chats before they are removed from Teams? 

  • There is no way to save or export individual private chat conversations.  

  • If the contents of a private chat conversation need to be retained, you may copy & paste the chat into a data repository, such as OneNote or Microsoft Word file.  

If you have questions, please contact the Service Desk at 888-481-2448 or via the IT Support desktop icon. 

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