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This week, I have a few updates for you:


  • Special presentation on physician burnout, moral injury and suicide – Sept. 26
  • Epic Electronic Prescribing Controlled Substances additional security
  • Advanced Beneficiary Notice use expanding
  • 2022 Report of Accomplishments from the Beaumont Research Institute
  • Documentation Tips of the Week: Elevated troponin & debility specificity

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. To recognize and address physician burnout, moral injury and suicide, Corewell Health Medical Group East is hosting a presentation for physicians on Tuesday, Sept. 26 in Southfield. The event will include cocktails and dinner as well as a presentation. Guest speaker Dr. Luda Khait-Vlisides will lead the discussion. She recently worked with Michigan legislators to adopt a bipartisan, bicameral resolution to recognize Sept. 17 and National Physician Suicide Awareness Day. I encourage you to attend so we can highlight the crucial movement toward physician well-being. For more information, please see the event flyer and RSVP by Wednesday, Sept. 17.

As the need for mental health care in our communities rises, it is important to support our team members and fellow leaders. Review and share resources with teams outlining suicide prevention strategies, approaches for reducing stigma and seeking assistance.


To comply with the DEA, starting Tuesday, Oct. 3, Corewell Health East physicians and other clinicians will be prompted to enter their Epic password when electronically sending the prescription, followed by verifying their identity using multifactor authentication via DUO. Currently, Corewell Health East providers must verify their identity with Duo multifactor authentication when prescribing controlled substances electronically in Epic. The DEA requires two separate authentication factors when signing a controlled substance prescription to ensure the right person electronically prescribes the controlled substance.


To ensure we fully meet Medicare requirements, in July, Corewell Health turned on additional ABN features in Epic for several tests, exams and procedures. These additional notices “flag” medical necessity as well as frequency of orders. In line with our current policies and as required by Medicare rules, Corewell Health and ordering physicians and APPs are responsible for collecting patient signatures on ABNs or informing patients of the need to complete an ABN at the time of test collection. Ordering physicians and APPs are also responsible for ensuring the medical record reflects medical necessity for testing. For more information, please read the full announcement.

The 2022 Report of Accomplishments from the Beaumont Research Institute is now available. This document highlights the depth of Corewell Health East’s academic excellence, including our affiliation with the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine. Congratulations to the many investigators and researchers who have contributed to the extraordinary achievements! This month’s issue of the Beaumont Research Institute newsletter is also now available.

Clinicians from across Corewell Health met earlier this year in Royal Oak to collaborate on the implementation of systemwide clinical pathways. The integration has proved to be instrumental in the initiative to implement and standardize clinical pathways.

The new checklist of suggested interventions provides guidance for clinical teams when caring for patients with violent/aggressive behaviors. The intention is to minimize harm to team members while they provide comprehensive patient care. For additional resources and support, visit Workplace Violence Resources.


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Documentation Tip of the Week: Elevated troponin & debility specificity


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