President Update: Proud of what 'happens here'



Throughout my career at Beaumont Health, I have always been both amazed and inspired by everything that happens here. Today, I’m thrilled to share that next week, we will be launching a new marketing and communications campaign to highlight our phenomenal team and all the work you do each and every day to support the patients, families and communities we serve.

You will start seeing billboards on Monday, June 6. However, today, I want to give you a sneak peek! Below are a few examples of the billboards. They feature actual Beaumont team members and patients. The campaign will showcase the incredible moments that “happen here” and profoundly impact the lives of our current and future patients and team members.

friendship happens here

breakthroughs happen here 2

introductions happen here

One of our goals is to remind our communities about everything they know and love about Beaumont — our innovative care, our world-class expertise and our extraordinary compassion. The campaign also reminds all of us that Beaumont is a place where we build connections, friendships and families. In addition, we hope these themes resonate with job seekers as we continue to actively recruit more clinical team members to join our ranks.

Another goal of the campaign is to reinforce Beaumont’s position as the leading provider of health care in Southeast Michigan. We want to instill hope for the next chapter of amazing moments that will “happen here” as we move forward as part of the larger BHSH System.

While billboards are the first step, TV and radio commercials are in the works, as well as digital advertising, video, web content, social media and much more. The campaign will continue to grow and expand over the coming weeks and months as there are so many stories to tell. And we’re going to need your help. Stay tuned – we’ll be sharing ways you can contribute ideas soon.

I’m honored to share this new campaign with you and our communities. I hope you are as proud as I am about what “happens here” every day.

Thanks for all you do for Beaumont Health.

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