Three IT applications currently unavailable, one restored

Due to a server outage last week, business continuity workarounds for all impacted applications have been implemented. Information Technology continues to refine the workaround as well as the development of long-term replacement solutions.

For urgent questions, please contact the Service Desk or call 888-481-2448.

Inside Beaumont Online – All documents are now accessible

  • Used by: All sites
  • Used for: Internal communication and documents containing directories, policies and procedures.
  • Impact: Users do not have access to the content on Inside Beaumont Online. 
  • Plan moving forward: All documents have been recovered. Users are now able to search for documents. Marketing will continue to work with specific departments to move documents to the new intranet.
    • Continue to check the Inside Beaumont link on the Beaumont Health Intranet for access to additional resources as they become available. 

OneChart Supply – New online functionality created, testing in process

  • Used by: Beaumont, Royal Oak nursing staff responsible for ordering inventory supplies.
  • Used for: Ordering supplies from inventory to the patient’s room from oneChart.
  • Impact: Nurses are unable to place patient supply orders online. Please call the supply room at #81729.
  • Plan moving forward: Final testing of temporary replacement application is expected to be completed this week, with a subsequent roll out at Beaumont, Royal Oak. IT is working with the supply room to coordinate move to production.

Physician Preference Guide – Now available online

  • Used by: Primarily used by providers and administrators in the emergency centers at Beaumont, Farmington Hills, Grosse Pointe, Royal Oak and Troy, as well as the Access Center.
  • Used for: Communicating physician preferences with co-workers, required when admitting/referring their patients.
  • Impact: Access Center, ED physicians will not have the ability to view the legacy PPG application.
  • Plan moving forward: The temporary solution is now available online via the Epic/oneChart EMR PPG tab. This version requires users to select the appropriate physician. The next iteration will automatically select the physician, similar to the original application. IT is working to roll this next version into production by this week, allowing for a faster lookup of required information and workflow. 

Parenting – Business Continuity Process implemented

  • Used by: Volunteers at Beaumont, Grosse Pointe, Royal Oak and Troy.
  • Used for: The ability to organize information related to families with newborns or premature babies. Allows users to records work, meetings, consultations and follow-ups in support of the Parenting Program.
  • Impact: Users must reference a currently available oneChart report, which contains the latest newborn/premature birth and mother information. IT has provided access to most urgent reference documentation. Department workflows have been revised to accommodate.
  • Plan moving forward: Follow manual workflows on a temporary basis to track interactions with mothers and families. The department and IT are working to create an enhanced application to meet current and future needs. 
Please note the Beaumont Intranet is only accessible while connected to the Beaumont network.

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