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Due to its ability to protect patient and Beaumont data, the Microsoft Outlook app will be the only mobile program used to access Beaumont email. Regular or “native” email apps on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices will no longer be able to access Beaumont email. Dr. Paras Khandhar, Beaumont’s lead inpatient physician informaticist, discussed this change in a recent Doc Talks video interview

This email access change will no longer occur on Sept. 21, as previously announced, but don’t wait until required, switch to using the Outlook app today.

Those with an older device that cannot install the Outlook app can access Beaumont email from or will need to upgrade their phone to a newer model.  

There are various ways to access your Beaumont email. Whether you use a Beaumont- or non-Beaumont owned computer, or a personal smartphone or other mobile device, the following information will help you understand options available to you for accessing email. 

Using a Beaumont computer at a Beaumont location  
Use Microsoft Outlook, if installed, or the Office365 Outlook icon found on your desktop.  

Using a computer not at a Beaumont location  
From any computer, launch either Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, then go to If unable to log into, use and click the Outlook icon. If both do not work, create a Service Request with manager approval to gain access. Another way to access your Beaumont email is to visit Additional instructions can be found here

Using your personal smartphone or other mobile devices  
Due to its ability to protect patient and Beaumont data, the Microsoft Outlook app will be the only mobile program to access Beaumont email. Soon, any other email apps on iPhones, iPads and Android devices will no longer be able to access Beaumont email. If you’re not using the Outlook app today, give it a try before it becomes required.  

You can install the Outlook application from the App store for iPhone or iPads, or Google Play store for Android smartphones and tablets. To access, simply open the Outlook app and log in with your Beaumont email address and password. Please review the updated Outlook app FAQs to answer any questions surrounding this change and or more information about accessing Beaumont email on your mobile device.  

The following are five reasons why the Outlook app was chosen:  

  • Maintains HIPAA standards for patient privacy. 

  • Device-agnostic and platform-agnostic mobile solution. 

  • Ensures the identity of the physician or employee through multi-factor authorization on all devices. 

  • It does not require using mobile device management, negating concerns of potentially releasing provider personal information. 

  • Protects patient information in the event of a lost or stolen device. 

  • Microsoft Outlook can halt delivery of Beaumont email, a service that other email apps cannot  

“The ability for physicians to check emails securely from a mobile device is not only crucial for patient care, but imperative for our entire health system to communicate,” said Dr. Paras Khandhar, pediatric intensivist and lead inpatient physician informaticist. “The app can be downloaded by most mobile devices while simultaneously maintaining HIPAA standards. Considering patient privacy first and foremost and shaping our decision to maintain it, the best solution for Beaumont Health is the Microsoft Outlook app.”  

For more information or assistance with your shared calendars, contact the IT Service Desk at 888-481-2448.  

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