Discontinuing the Physician Electronic Order Scheduling Program

Thank you for participating in the Physician Electronic Order Scheduling Program, the complimentary service provided by the Beaumont Access Center to providers entering electronic orders into Epic/oneChart for diagnostic testing.

Due to inefficiencies, we are discontinuing the Physician Electronic Order Scheduling Program and will no longer be contacting patients with electronic or faxed orders to the Access Center.

Going forward, please continue to place orders electronically into oneChart. However, please note that the Access Center will no longer proactively call these patients. Patients should call the Access Center for scheduling at 800-328-8542 or visit myBeaumontChart.com as some imaging studies are now available for scheduling online.

The last day the Access Center will be contacting patients based on orders placed in oneChart is Nov. 15, 2021.

Thank you.

Cyndy Orrys
Senior Director, Access Center
Office: 947-522-4777

Tina Ammons
Director, Access Center – Scheduling
Office: 947-522-4785

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