May 3 - COVID-19 Daily Update



Beaumont Health adds more walk-in vaccine clinics: May 3-7

Beaumont Health is providing five additional walk-in clinic days to make it easier for people to get vaccinated. Anyone age 16 and up is invited to get vaccinated during any of the walk-in clinic hours.

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We asked, and you shared

We asked employees to share with us what you’re going through and what you want the community to know so that we can get through this surge and end the pandemic together. Today’s response comes from Maryanne Kenerson, RN, a professional development support generalist:

As a semi-retired nurse, I am not on the front lines, but I admire the professionals who have daily contact with sick COVID-19 patients. I have volunteered in the vaccine clinic doing observation and noticed that the people coming through after getting their immunization are very happy and grateful. I also have done some volunteer contract tracing for the State of Michigan health department, which is hopefully helping to get people information on properly quarantining.

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U.S. coronavirus cases drop as spring wave of infections ebbs, Washington Post

“When we’re in a period of substantial transmission, such as we are right now, people in the community need to recognize there’s a greater-than-ordinary risk. People need to be more cautious, they need to be sure they’re wearing their masks, practicing their social distancing, staying home if they’re sick, and getting vaccinated.,” Dr. Nick Gilpin, medical director of Infection Prevention and Epidemiology for Beaumont Health, told the Washington post.

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MediTract CLM launch date set for Nov. 15

The launch date of MediTract CLM is now Monday, Nov. 15. The interface work continues to move forward at the same pace unchanged. Stay tuned for further details regarding the new launch date for the interfaces. If you have any questions, please reach out to Angela Anderson or Karen Meader or Jeremy Wolff.


Upcoming oneChart monthly system update

The IT department will apply the oneChart Monthly Inpatient & Ambulatory system updates on Tuesday, May 4. No downtime is required.  

While using a Beaumont computer, please view the May 4 Bundle on the oneChart Update Bundles site to learn more. Select the Ambulatory Updates button on the right to view the new Ambulatory Update Bundles page. For more information, visit the oneChart Education site

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