Emergency center renovation and expansion

Beaumont Health is committed to being a leader in patient and family-centered care and more families visit the Emergency Center at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak than any other emergency center in Michigan. This incredible demand for Beaumont emergency care provided an opportunity to invest in a facility that would allow our team to advance support for patients and families even further. The project to renovate and expand the Emergency Center concluded in February 2019. Improvements will make the new Emergency Center experience more private, more comfortable and more efficient, while maintaining extraordinary high-quality care.


125,000 square feet

120.8 million dollars

91 new private adult exam rooms

16 new private pediatric exam rooms in an area just for children

4 new private intake rooms

4 new private trauma rooms


We explored best practices from other leading health care providers across the country and partnered with patients and families to identify ways to create an emergency center that best meets their needs. 


Opened in 2018, the new Pediatric Emergency Center at Beaumont, Royal Oak is designed to be more comfortable, more child-friendly and more efficient – to get your child home and feeling better as soon as possible. Fellowship-trained Beaumont Children’s pediatric emergency physicians provide outstanding care in a space solely for children that is just an elevator-ride away from the Beaumont Children’s inpatient unit. The Pediatric Emergency Center includes: large private rooms, all-new equipment and furniture, child life specialists to help children cope with the hospital experience and an animal theme featuring familiar faces from the Detroit Zoo.

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