COVID-19 Daily Update - Jan. 15

Vaccines Administered: Total number of vaccines that have been administered and documented in Epic. Immunizations documented on paper will show up 24 hours after they are entered in Epic.

Updated charts are available on Monday through Friday. Please note, the blue line is the average daily census for all patients in COVID-19 isolation (including those who tested positive, are awaiting test results or who tested negative but have COVID-19 symptoms). You can also download the PDF containing additional data. 

Beaumont opening two new vaccine clinics

Beaumont has already vaccinated approximately 27,000 people and is prepared to vaccinate as many as 50,000 a week if we receive enough doses of the vaccine.


We plan to open COVID-19 vaccine clinics at Beaumont, Dearborn and Troy on Wednesday, Jan. 20 for eligible community members who have an appointment. We are offering additional sites to reduce the amount of travel for senior citizens and to make it easier for them to get vaccinated.


We highly encourage Beaumont employees to continue to schedule their vaccination appointments at the Beaumont Service Center. In the near future, we will reassess our ability to offer appointments at these locations to Beaumont team members.


Beaumont’s COVID-19 nurse-supported call line (800-592-4784) is available for employees and established Beaumont patients who have had a Beaumont service within the three years to get assistance scheduling their vaccination appointment if they are unable to schedule online. We are experiencing extremely high call volumes. Please use on-line resources first. Many questions are already answered on our regularly updated COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions page.

Scheduling online is the fastest, easiest and preferred method to schedule your vaccine appointment. Only people with appointments will be vaccinated. Beaumont cannot accommodate people who walk into the clinic without an appointment. Therefore, only people with appointments will be allowed to enter the Beaumont Service Center; drivers or those accompanying people with an appointment will be asked to wait in their vehicles unless the individual requires physical assistance or if the person is a legal guardian of the individual getting vaccinated.

Vaccine clinic staffing FAQs now available

A new Frequently Asked Questions document about staffing of the vaccine clinic is on the COVID-19 vaccine resources page. Answers to questions about hours, compensation, roles, training and other staffing topics are available in the document, which will be updated regularly.

oneChart daily COVID-19 change summary for Jan. 15

Five new COVID-19 Office Orders are now available. Review today’s summary for more details.

John Fox blog: MLK Day Celebration

Each year, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Day reminds us to reflect on the important work to which the legendary civil rights leader and Nobel prize winner devoted his life.  

This year, on Monday, Jan. 18, we will host a virtual celebration, “A Day of Reflection and Healing,” via a Microsoft Teams Live event. It begins at 10:45 a.m. I am thrilled Rosalind Brewer, COO of Starbucks, will be our featured speaker. 

As we celebrate the birthday of Dr. King, please think about how he called on each of us to engage with one another and with our communities, to speak out and take action to improve lives, and to value education and compassion. These are all standards we live by at Beaumont Health.  

We must embrace and celebrate diversity. When you look around Beaumont Health, you will find a diverse workforce reflective of the communities we serve. Valuing diversity means we treat everyone as an individual, respecting their culture and beliefs.  We must embrace our differences so we can learn from each other and deliver compassionate, extraordinary care, every day. It makes us stronger.

Let us commit to doing our part to realize the “dream” Dr. King spoke about. When I listen to his “I have a dream speech,” I recall the progress we have made in the last 58 years, and the challenges we still have today. If we value diversity and embrace inclusion, we will be stronger together as an organization for our patients, families and the communities we serve. 

We have much more work to do, but we remain deeply committed. I appreciate all you do and thank you for your contributions to the Beaumont team. Thank you.

Bwell nutrition webinars

With the dawn of the new year and in light of the pandemic, many are searching for inspiration to nourish their bodies in support of individual mental and physical well-being. Bwell is offering a series of 15-minute webinars, called Bwell Nourished, aimed to equip you with knowledge to find the eating style and tips that best support your health. If you’re looking for a more in-depth discussion on nutrition, check out the 2021 list of 60-minute webinar offerings on all things nutrition.

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