Schedule your ultrasound appointments directly in myBeaumontChart

Starting Tuesday, Oct. 5, you will be able to schedule your upcoming ultrasound appointments for certain areas of the body via myBeaumontChart. 

Talk with your Beaumont healthcare provider to ensure they enter your ultrasound order in Beaumont’s Epic/oneChart electronic health record. Once the order is entered, you will receive an email from Beaumont to schedule your ultrasound appointment directly in myBeaumontChart. If you do not receive an email to schedule your ultrasound, patients will be able to directly schedule their appointment online via myBeaumontChart. Patients will also have the option to upload a copy of the physician's written order via myBeaumontChart 


  • All documentation is kept in Beaumont’s EHR.

  • You no longer need to call the patient access center to schedule your ultrasound.  

Review the education materials while on the Beaumont network for more information. 

Don’t have a myBeaumontChart account? Signup today and download the app to your smartphone! 

If you have questions or cannot find the ultrasound type you need to schedule an appointment for, please contact the patient access center at 248-597-2727. 

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