Imaging Clinical Decision Support

On Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2020, CMS will require Appropriate Use Criteria consultations with qualified Clinical Decision Support Mechanism for high-tech imaging orders, such as CT, MR, PET and Nuclear Medicine, when submitting professional or facility claims. Claims that fail to provide CDS information will not be paid.

To ready Beaumont for the above new requirement, high-tech imaging orders with Clinical Decision Support will be extended from oneChart to myBeaumontConnection on Monday, Nov. 11. Ordering providers using myBeaumontConnection will see CDS in the form of Best Practice Advisories like those in oneChart.

External/referring providers placing orders via myBeaumontConnection will now be able to consult CDS through myBeaumontConnection.
They will not need to go outside of the system, and the order will be stamped with the Domain Name System and score the same way as normal order entry in oneChart.

For external/referring providers who do not have access to oneChart:
When placing the order within their own EHR system capable of providing CDS for
high-tech imaging orders, the resulting CDS number and score will need to be provided on the paper order/fax. 

Click here to view a demo of the NDSC web portal and view the regulatory brief, registration guide, user guide and FAQ for more information.

For ordering providers who do not have access to CDS in their own EHR, the National Decision Support Company is providing a no-fee web portal to generate the required CDS number. Once generated, providers will need to include the CDS information in the fax/paper order.
External providers can consult CDS through myBeaumontConnection if desired. Providers will not need to go outside of the system to consult CDS and the order will be stamped with the DSN and score the same way as normal order entry in oneChart.

Consultation by ordering professionals:
Consultations may be performed by clinical staff under the direction of the ordering professional.
The proposed rule language indicated “auxiliary personnel,” but the American College of Radiology commented that the consulting staff person should have a clinical background and discuss with the referring physician any non-adherent consultation results.

CDS benefits:
- helps clinical users select the appropriate imaging exam
- provides an opportunity for continued education for our providers on which exams to order for given indications
- enhances communication between radiology and the physician, with the goal of decreasing changed orders and to determine the rationale for a specific study
- allows for cost savings opportunities and appropriate utilization.
- meets the Imaging Appropriate Use Criteria regulatory requirements that must be in place by Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2020.


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