Unused pager collection underway

Help IT clean up the messaging devices that may be hiding in drawers and reduce costs to the organization by turning in any unused pagers. 

Marked collection bins will be available through mid-February in specific areas at each hospital campus. Click here to see the exact locationsPlease deposit any pagers that are not used in the marked bins. No information is needed about the returned pagers. If returning a Unication pager (black), please remove the battery first. IT will then pick up the deposited pagers, audit and disconnect. 

Please note, this is a call for unused pagers only, not for pagers intended for use today but are interested in using a different technology or replacing pagers. 

Help spread awareness by posting the flyer in your area. If you have any questions or are interested in using a different technology instead of a pager, such as Mobile Heartbeat, contact the IT Service Desk at 888-481-2448 or via the IT Support desktop icon.

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