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Flu vaccinations

To better ensure the health and well-being of the Beaumont team, patients and visitors, the Influenza Vaccination Program is extended to include all Beaumont Health team members, including those who work offsite.

Beaumont's policy supports required immunization for all health care providers – including private physicians with active hospital clinical privileges – unless a medical or religious contraindication exists.

Egg-free/albumin free vaccine products will also be offered for those who have high-level allergies or religious issues.

Read the 2019 flu vaccination information sheet »

Flu vaccination clinics are scheduled at various locations and nursing units beginning Monday, Oct. 14. Calendars with flu clinic locations, dates, times can be found below. Check calendars often as they are subject to change.

New online consent form must be completed prior to arriving at on-site clinic

All Beaumont team members must complete the new online influenza vaccination consent/declination form.

If you are planning on getting the vaccination at an on-site flu clinic, you must complete the form prior to arriving at the clinic.

Once logged in with single sign-on, click on the Forms tab at the top of the page, then select “2019-20 Influenza Vaccination Form.” You will need to answer a series of yes/no questions, even if you opt to decline the vaccination at the bottom of the form.

If declining, you will first need to complete and submit the appropriate exemption form – see the “Exemption Forms” box on this page. This needs to be done before completing the online consent/declination form. Team members who do not receive the vaccine because of an approved medical or religious exemption will be required to wear a mask when performing patient care activities during the influenza season, usually mid-November through April, as defined by the corporate epidemiologist.

Beaumont team members may choose to obtain the influenza vaccination outside of Beaumont at your own expense, but you are still required to complete the online consent form and must submit documentation of vaccination to

Flu vaccination clinic calendars

Flu vaccination consent/declination forms

This flu form is required to be completed by everyone, whether you are consenting to the vaccine or declining because of medical contraindication or religious reasons, or if you received the vaccine elsewhere. You must fully complete and submit this form or you will be considered non-compliant.


Having issues completing the consent form on the PureSafety site? See the Q&A.

Exemption forms

If you are declining for medical or religious reasons, you must have an exemptions form on file prior to completing the online consent/declination form:

Flu champions

If you are a clinical nurse, pharmacist or medical assistant interested in administering the flu vaccine on your unit, you must enter a Service Request and allow 48-72 hours. Please review the Flu champion webpage for more information.

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