Update Your Profile

Updates can be made to your photo, phone number and other information that appears in your physician bio on the external-facing website.

All doctors now have the opportunity to include a brief biographical section on their profile on Beaumont.org. This is a great opportunity to highlight expertise, interests and other key information.

Examples include:


Biographical section allows additional profile personalization

Beaumont physicians can now include a brief biographical section in their Beaumont.org Find a Doctor profile. This is a great opportunity to highlight their expertise and interests.

The primary audience for Beaumont.org is consumers looking for a doctor. Personalized physician profiles can help potential new patients select a doctor.



- Biographies should be brief (8-10 sentences) and written for a consumer/patient audience.
- Topics to consider include:
       - Physician’s care philosophy and clinical interests
       - Why the physician decided to pursue a medical career
       - Personal information such as hobbies, family, community activities, etc.
- The Find a Doctor website already lists physicians’ education; it’s not necessary to include that in the profile.
- Write in third person.


Completed biographies should be emailed to CHEPRS@corewellhealth.org.


Doctors on Beaumont’s Physician Referral Service can also update their insurance, languages spoken and scope of practice. Please contact PRS@beaumont.org to update this information or join the Physician Referral Service.

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