In 2019, Beaumont Health announced a partnership with Blockit for scheduling and referral management solutions.

As a reminder, the Blockit solution enables real-time scheduling to be performed at the time of service during a patient’s visit regardless of Electronic Medical Record.

Blockit also allows providers to:

- easily send and receive referrals through Blockit’s platform to any receiving or sending provider’s Electronic Medical Record
- track patient referrals and appointment status in real time

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What is Blockit?

Blockit is a referral and scheduling solution that integrates with many different Electronic Medical Records, allowing for one platform where providers and patients can view all Beaumont providers and schedule appointments. When a patient schedules an appointment with a provider via Blockit, it is integrated within that provider’s EMR, and automatically updates the provider’s schedule to include the appointment. The patient also receives an email with appointment information.


Why is Beaumont implementing Blockit?

Today, when a patient needs a physician office appointment, the burden is put on them and their caregivers to identify their needs, find a provider, and schedule an appointment. As Beaumont strives to meet its vision of being the leading high-value care network, it’s important to remove barriers and make it easier for patients to access and navigate Beaumont services. With Blockit, when a patient leaves a Beaumont-affiliated facility, such as an urgent care or ED, they will leave with a scheduled appointment in-hand. This removes the burden for patients trying to navigate the complexities of healthcare and improves patient follow-through for important follow-up appointments. It is Beaumont’s vision that all healthcare providers join Blockit so that any patient leaving a Beaumont facility has the ability to schedule an appointment directly with a provider of their choice.


What are the benefits of using Blockit for Beaumont and its patients?

  • book appointments in real-time at the point of care
  • efficiently guide patients through coordination of care with real time patient referral and appointment tracking
  • easily send and receive referrals through Blockit’s platform to any receiving or sending provider’s EMR
  • permit secure direct communication between providers, with attachments, via Blockit’s chat feature
  • obtain insights through analytics on referral activity


Will all Beaumont patient referrals and appointment monitoring be managed through Blockit?

It is Beaumont’s vision that all appointment scheduling and management will be performed through BlockIt. Beaumont views this initiative as a major accomplishment related to its goals of becoming a leader in patient and family-centered care. Beaumont’s hope is that all Beaumont-affiliated physicians will join Blockit so Beaumont patients have the greatest selection of providers and access to meet their health care needs.


How do I learn more about Blockit?

To learn more about Blockit visit or email the Physician Referral Service at



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