Troy Physician Leaders



President of the Medical Staff
David Forst, M.D.


Member-at-Large, Ambulatory
Stephen Williams, M.D.


Member-at-Large, Medicine
Michael Tucciarone, M.D.


Member-at-Large, Primary Care
Kelly Ortwine, M.D.

David Donaldson, M.D. portrait

David Donaldson, D.O.


Member-at-Large, Primary Care
Joe Love, M.D.

Eric Brown, M.D. portrait Member-at-Large, Surgery
Eric Brown, M.D.
Seger_Amy-18 Secretary Treasurer
Amy Seger, M.D.

Michael Khoury, M.D.

Interim Chief Medical Officer

Dietmar Schlecht, D.O.

Chief - Anethesiologic services

Phillip Kraft, M.D.

Chief - Cardiovascular medicine

William Anderson, M.D.

Chief - Emergency care

Paul Misch, M.D.

Chief - Family medicine

Vaishali Pansare, M.D.

Chief - Lab

Michael Khoury, M.D.

Chief - Medical services

Brian Torok, M.D.

Chief - OB-GYN

George Howard, M.D.

Chief - Oncology

Richard Easton, M.D.
Chief - Orthopedic surgery 
David DeWitte, M.D.
Chief - Pediatric services 

Greg Gustafson, M.D.

Chief - Radiation oncology

Brian Berger, M.D.

Chief - Radiology

Laurence Ulrey, M.D.

Chief - Surgical services

Ulrich O. Ringwald, M.D.

Section head - Allergy

Ayad Abrou, M.D.

Section head - Dermatology

Abdul Al-Kassab, M.D., Ph.D.

Section head - Endocrinology

M. Emin Donat, M.D.

Section head - Gastroenterology

Sachi U. Gowda, M.D.

Section head - Infectious Disease

Sundeep Dhillon, M.D.

Section head - Nephrology

Mohammed M. Al-Hakim, M.D.

Section head - Neurology

John Maltese, Jr., M.D.

Section head - Physical medicine

Lester Potempa, D.O.

Section head - Psychology

Keith Stevens, D.O.

Section head - Pulmonary and Critical Care

John Tower, D.O.

Section head - Rheumatology

Phil Robinson, M.D.

Section head - Cardiovascular surgery

Bruce McIntosh, M.D.

Section head - General surgery

John S. Papakonstantinou, M.D.

Section head - Hand surgery

Mark Rolain, M.D.

Section head - Ophthalmology

Richard Arden, M.D.

Section head - Otolaryngology

Michael Schenden, M.D.

Section head - Plastic surgery

Robert Welsh, M.D.

Section head - Thoracic surgery

Kenneth Kernen, M.D.

Section head - Urology

Steven Rimar, M.D.

Section head - Vascular surgery

Michelle Vogel, M.D.

Section head – Colon/Rectal

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