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Annual Education launched early this month on Feb. 3 to give you more time to complete the training.


This year, I decided to get the Compliance courses done early, and the process was much easier than in the past. Many modules have pre-tests to allow you to skip ahead, and some give you the chance to stop and restart at different times if you can’t get through them in one sitting. If you have not yet completed your training, please login to HealthStream . The deadline this year is Friday, June 12.


Next week, I will be returning to Guatemala on a mission trip, so I will not be writing a weekly bulletin. Until then, I want to update you on the following:


  • Beaumont policy on physician speaker reimbursement
  • Portal access leaving
  • MRI after inpatient visit
  • mammography online scheduling
  • primary care services promoted in the market
  • list of 100 CMOs to know includes Dr. Wood
  • Documentation Tip of the Week: Acute respiratory failure
  • IT updates


Thank you for your patience regarding Beaumont’s recent inability to pay for previously rendered physician speaking services in 2019 and early 2020. The Corporate Integrity Agreement demands a high standard, and we are confident we now meet it. An interim process for backlogged payments is now in place and I will take over the administration of the backlogged speaker agreements, along with Jeanne Sarnacki of the Medical Staff Services department. We are working diligently to craft a permanent process that is clear, quick and compliant. I apologize for the difficulty this issue has caused many of you. We will report out in the next couple weeks with progress and a timeline.


Beaumont is changing the way office staff will access Beaumont patient information – Portal is changing to myBeaumontConnection, both are view only versions of Epic. To maintain access, forms need to be completed by Sunday, March 15. You can access the forms here . This change to myBeaumontConnection does not affect physicians, NPs, PAs and CNMs who are on the Beaumont medical staff. Physicians and other clinicians with privileges at a Beaumont acute care campus do not need training. They will continue to access patient data via the oneChart app at


Based on physician feedback, a system-wide change has been made for patients who could be discharged from an inpatient bed but remain admitted while waiting for an MRI study. Effective March 2, a provider can determine if a patient can be discharged, still needing an MRI study. When scheduling a current inpatient for a future outpatient MRI, create a new Orders Only encounter to ensure the appointment will not be attached to the current inpatient visit by following these steps . For more information, please read the full news story .


Online scheduling for mammography went live on Oct. 1 of last year. Since then, nearly 3,000 mammography appointments have been scheduled using the tool at . Online scheduling is a convenient tool for our patients and is being utilized at a tremendous rate.


Beaumont is currently promoting primary care services in the market. The dedicated support is intended to grow the Beaumont Network by bringing new patients into the system and growing our referral base. Last year’s primary care campaign saw over 220,000 primary care related page views in 2019, 30,000 primary care clicks and 2,000 appointment requests. You may be seeing some of the promotion yourself with advertisements on Facebook and other popular sites. Read more about the marketing campaign .


Our very own, Dr. David P. Wood , was included in Becker’s list of 100 hospital and health system CMOs to know. Please join me in congratulating Dr. Wood on the honor.


Wishing you a productive rest of your week,






David P. Walters, D.O., MHSA

Senior Vice President, Medical Staff Services




Documentation Tip of the Week: Acute respiratory failure


Documenting a patient’s respiratory status accurately supports the intensity of your service, severity of illness, risk of mortality, resource consumption and length of stay.


  • p02<60 mmHg
    • Sp02<91% (on room air or on home 02 requirements)
    • P/F ratio is <300
  • pCO2>50 mmHg with pH <7.35
    • pCO2 increase by 10 mmHg from known baseline function
  • signs and symptoms are present
    • tachypnea
    • brief, fragmented speech/2-3 word dyspnea
    • retractions or accessory muscle usage
    • SOB, DIB, dyspnea
    • etc.


Clinical Documentation Improvement recommendation here .




IT updates


On Sunday, March 1, from 2-4 a.m., Epic/oneChart will be unavailable while the system is updated to the latest version. End users should refer to their established downtime procedures during this time frame. Please note the downtime instructions are only available when connected to the Beaumont network.


On Sunday, March 1 at 4 p.m., all Inpatient pended notes from 2018 in the Epic/oneChart “My Incomplete Notes” folder will be automatically deleted. Inpatient pended/incomplete notes are not part of the legal medical record and are only viewable by the author of the note. Physicians and other clinicians will need to review their “My Incomplete Notes” folder and then determine whether to edit/e-sign or delete the pended notes. If any questions or issues, please contact the Service Desk at 888-481-2448.


For more information, please visit the IT News & Updates page .



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