Academy highlights from 2011-2018

  • 200 Beaumont physicians are now BPLA alumni.
  • There are 26 fellows in the 2019 class.
  • Over 150 alumni provide leadership to the system:
    • five chief medical officers
    • 31 chiefs and vice chiefs
    • 75 directors
    • 11 physician champions
    • 13 chairs (and 3 vice chairs)
  • Completion of BPLA is now considered when the organization seeks physician input and identifies potential leaders.
  • Representation from all eight hospitals is the norm.


Congratulations class of 2018!



Mohammed Abu-Mahfouz, M.D.Brian Muckey, M.D.
Savitha Balaraman, M.D.Mona Obeidy, M.D., FACP
Samuel Bauer, M.DRonny Otero, M.D.
Joseph Chattahi, M.D., FACCNaushad Pervez, M.D.
Isaac "Zev" Davidovich, M.D. Anuradha Prabhu, M.D.
Sanjay Dogra, M.D. Bruce Rochefort, M.D.
Adam Folbe, M.D.Deborah Ruark, M.D.
Nesrene Ghani, M.D., FACCRandy Semma, DPM
Stefani Hines, M.D.Bernice Sessa, M.D.
Kerry Kole, D.O.Asha Shajahan, M.D.
Ahmad Maarouf, M.D. Stephen Vartanian, M.D.
Michael Malian, M.D.Ping Wang, M.D.
Sharon McManus, D.O. 


“BPLA provides a valuable opportunity for internal and personal growth. It is a valuable introduction to the corporate world of medicine, which physicians generally have little experience with during training or practice. The relationships with other physicians going through the process I found to be liberating. BPLA is an eye-opening experience, which challenges your assumptions about yourself. The commitment of Beaumont Health to its stated goals and ideals is palpable. The focus on diversity and inclusiveness was clearly evident.” -2017 Fellow

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