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A message from Matthew Denenberg, M.D., Chief, Beaumont Children’s


The final month of summer is upon us. I hope everyone finds time to enjoy remaining long days and opportunities with loved ones across Michigan. Our hospitals remain busy as we continually monitor new concerns along with ongoing and new summer pediatric illness, such as COVID-19, monkeypox, parechovirus, water accidents, heat illness and trauma. As we approach fall and back-to-school activities, our collective attention to safe practices, vaccines and school readiness is essential.


In my first 100 days, I rounded in all our hospitals and many ambulatory sites. Beaumont Children’s includes an impressive breadth and depth of pediatric services supported by dedicated teams across Southeast Michigan. We have a unique opportunity to join together to share expertise, resources and passion caring for our communities’ children. With excitement and optimism, we begin our journey toward “systemness” across Beaumont Children’s. Please review a few concise listed references regarding systemness and high reliability as foundations to our collaboration. I especially recommend “Why Hospitals Should Fly” by John Nance. We will certainly dedicate significant time and thought beyond this newsletter in months and years to come.


We held our first Beaumont Children’s Town Hall last week to share information and answer questions. We were joined by Dr. Ben Schwartz, the new president of Beaumont. We introduced the pediatric leadership team for the new Beaumont Children’s Clinical Care Program. This stakeholder group represents diverse pediatric team members, clinical services and communities across Beaumont. We will engage frontline providers, community partners and staff in developing and executing strategies across Southeast Michigan. In addition, we shared the creation of the Beaumont Children’s Community Provider Council. The CCP and this collaborative group of community leaders will shape our future Beaumont Children's strategy.


Please continue to share ideas and experiences. I remain excited to round anywhere to meet and learn from you.


“We can’t impose our will on a system. We can listen to what the system tells us and discover how its properties and our values can work together to bring forth something much better than could ever be produced by our will alone.”


Donella H. Meadows







New Team Members


Welcome to our new class of pediatrics and med/peds residents. We are very excited to begin working with these new physicians.


A warm welcome to our newest pediatric hospitalists who joined us this week: Drs. Melissa Drewry, Erin Jakubowski, Elise Gross and pediatric nurse manager Julia Mazur.


Meet our newest pediatric orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Christopher Minnock, who joined Beaumont Children’s this summer, specializing in spine surgery and sports medicine.


Please take time to welcome Dr. Kaydee Kaiser who joined our pediatric hematology oncology program on Aug. 1.



Acute Care

We are thrilled to share the new state-of-the-art NICU opened in June at Beaumont, Troy. This center of excellence for the most fragile patients is a testament to the expertise of our team members and the generosity of our community. Beaumont, Troy NICU


Thanks to the efforts and dedication of our informatics team, our medical students are now able to document in Epic/oneChart. This will enhance their education as our world has become increasingly digital to enhance communication in patient care. Inpatient and ambulatory references are available.


Beaumont Urology medical mission work: 15 years of giving back to the world community, another example of the Beaumont legacy of sharing expertise, compassion and humanity.



Once again, pediatric primary care and specialty visits have steadily increased across the region. This includes emergency departments that are very busy. As we continue efforts to improve access and increase specialty offerings, please continue to reach out with ideas, questions and concerns. Our pediatric specialists and clinics are available at Beaumont Children’s.


Read this remarkable story about Ava, Ollie and Caramel Willy. “Ava has been unbelievable,” Jennifer Weis, her mom, said. “She has had a better attitude than anyone in our family.” Great collaboration and teamwork between Beaumont Children’s and Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.


The Hough Center for Adolescent Health announced increased access to care and reopened to patients with eating disorder concerns through age 20.5 years as well as a gynecology practice to new patients between ages 10-21. Please call the center at 248-594-3142 for more information.


Quality and Safety

Despite significant improvement in the national baby formulae shortage, the crisis continues. Please refer to the AAP and MDHHS for up-to-date resources. Our teams have been hard at work supporting families, especially those in need of highly specialized formulae. Recently, Dr. Begum Akay, Julie Tallent and Lisa Coleman worked with a local family to secure much needed formulae.


Vaccine hesitancy remains a concern in our communities, especially with approval of vaccine for children ages six months to 18 years. We continue to monitor recommendations specific to children, especially as we enter the back-to-school months. Please utilize the Beaumont, CDC and MDHHS websites for up-to-date information regarding COVID, including vaccines and treatment.


While monkeypox is rare in children in the U.S., they are considered a high-risk group, especially those under eight years old. As a contact spread orthopoxvirus, we must prepare for potential childhood infection. Please refer to the CDC, MDHHS and AAP websites for up-to-date guidance. If you have questions or concerns regarding a pediatric patient, please contact the Beaumont Infection Prevention and Epidemiology Team 24/7 at 248-551-4040. The team can help with diagnosis, testing and treatment.


There is an increase in parechovirus cases among children across the U.S. We have admitted a number of cases at Beaumont. While this virus is not new and commonly shows seasonality in summer and fall, case numbers are increased this year. Fortunately, despite need for increased consideration of the diagnosis, treatment remains symptomatic. Please refer to the CDC HAN Alert for up-to-date information.


Beaumont Health Foundation

Thank you for the wonderful morning at the Detroit Zoo. Our Beaumont Children’s teams were out in force for the Walk for Miracles. The News Herald


2022 Feldman Automotive Children’s Miracle Celebrity Invitational - Please consider joining us to support our children and staff. It’s not too late to register for dinner despite tee times being full.


Education and Research

Possible relation of skin and nail changes in an infant to COVID-19 infection was written by our very own pediatric resident, OUWB medical student and residency directors.


Under mentorship from Beaumont pediatric surgeons Let them play: A prospective study of postoperative activity restrictions in children was presented by Drs. Begun Akay, Pavan Brahmamdam and Rachel Harvey.


Please join us in congratulating the following recipients of this year’s resident awards.



Faculty-nominated Award

Exceptional Performance in Residency, 2019-22: Dr. Margaret Samberg


Resident-nominated Awards

Excellence in Inpatient Medicine Teaching: Dr. Bassel Salman

Excellence in Subspecialty Teaching: Dr. Bishara Freij

Dr. Mike Malon Memorial Award for Dedication to Teaching (Outpatient): Dr. Kalli Doyle

Outstanding Resident Teacher, 2021-2022: Dr. Jessica Tennant

Intern of the Year: Drs. Eman Bamashmous and Kaviya Lakshmipathy (tied)


In the News


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